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Ghadir Sermon

Here is the complete sermon given by Prophet Muhammad in 632 in which he appointed Ali, his cousin and son-in-law, as his successor.


The Historic Sermon at Ghadir Khumm, [March 632 A.D.]


"Praise be to God.

Who is exalted in His unity.

Near in His uniqueness.

Sublime in His power.

Great in His dominance.

And knower of all things.

High is His position.

He subdues all creation by the might of His Intellect.

He is worthy of praise from the beginning.

And He is worthy of praise to the end.

[His glory has no limit.

He begins and He repeats.

And to Him all things go back.]

He is the maker of all that is raised.

And the expander of what has been laid out.

And He dominates the earths and the galaxies.

Holy and praised.

Lord of the angels and the spirit.

His grants [needs] to everything He has created.

And He extends grace all He initiates.

All is in His eyes, while no eyes see Him.

He is generous.


And patient.

He makes His mercy surrounds all things.

And He is bountiful to them.

He does not start [quickly] on what they deserve of His punishment.

He knows the secrets.

And what the hearts hide.

Hidden things are not secret to Him.

And He has no doubts about them.

He comprehends all things.

And He dominates everything.

He has strength over all things.

And He has command over everything,

Nothing is like Him.

And He brings into being when a thing is nothing.

Eternal and Just is He [free of all needs.]

‘There is no god except He.

The mighty the wise.’

He is above being sighted.

Yet in His sight is everything.

He is the subtle.

The aware.

No one can describe Him by observation.

And no one can find out about Him openly or covertly.

Other than by the signs that [God] honourable and majestic set for Himself.

And I testify that He is God.

Whose holiness is timeless.

And whose Light is Eternal.

And who executes His Will without any advise.

And there is no partner in His decrees.

Nor is there any flaw in His planning.

He formed His work without precedence.

He made his creation without any help

Nor did He get tired.

Nor did He look for solutions [ways out].

He willed it and it was.

And He shaped it and it was seen.

He is God beside whom there is no other god.

Perfect in skill.

And beautiful in execution.

He is the Just who never oppresses.

He is the generous to whom return all affairs.

I further testify that He is the one [God] before whose magnificence everything is low.

And before whose might everything is humble.

And before whose decree everything submits.

And before His awe everything yields.

He reigns over all domains.

And turns the planets in orbits.

He dominates the sun and the moon.

And takes them in time to a destination.

He makes the night overtake the day.

And makes the day over take the night in rapid succession.

He destroys the oppressors.

And annihilates every devil.

No one can oppose Him.

Nor has He any equal.

‘He is the one.

The absolute [unimaginable].

He has no children.

And He has no parents.

And there is no one comparable to Him.’

He is one God.

And Lord most glorious.

With Will He executes.

With Intent He decrees.

With knowledge He determines.

He gives death and life.

He gives wealth and poverty.

He causes smiles and tears.

He gives and He withholds.

‘His is sovereignty.

And His is glory.’

‘In His hand is all goodness.

And He has power over all things.’

‘He lets night cover the day.

And lets day cover the night.’

There is no god but He.

The mighty.

The forgiving.

He hears the prayer.

And [He] is generous in granting.

He calculates the breaths.

And [He is] the Lord of Jinns and Mankind.

Nothing is hard for Him.

Nor do cries for help annoy Him.

Nor appeals makes Him surrender.

He protects the righteous.

And makes them succeed.

He is the master of the believers.

And Lord of the Worlds.

He deserves gratitude.

And praise from all His creation.

[In all circumstances.

I praise Him.

And thank Him].

In happiness and in grief.

In difficulty and in comfort.

And I believe in Him.

His angels.

His books.

And His messengers.

I hear His command.

And I obey.

And I go wherever He wants.

And I submit to what He destines.

Longing to obey Him.

And fearing to displease Him.

He is God against whose plans no one ought to feel secure.

Nor should anyone ever fear oppression from Him.

I testify that serving Him befits my soul.

And I testify that He is the deserving Lord.

I deliver what He inspires in me.

Because if I do it not, He can allow harm to come to me.

Which no one can keep away.

Even if he has great plan.

[And sincere friends].

There is no god but He.

He has told me that if I do not deliver what He has given to me [about the right of Ali], I would not have delivered His message at all.

And He, the holy and mighty, has assured to protect me [from the people].

And He is God most sufficient and kind.

He has revealed this to me:

'In the name of God the merciful the compassionate.

O Messenger! Deliver what has been revealed to you.’

That is regarding the succession of Ali son of Abu Talib.

'And if you do not, you would not have delivered [any] of His Message at all.

And [do not worry], God will protect you against the people.’

O Mankind, I have not left anything revealed to me from God Almighty.

And I will now explain to you the reasons why this verse was sent down:

Indeed [Angel] Gabriel came down three times to give me order and security from my Lord.

For He is Peace [security].

That I stand in this place and reveal to everyone, black and white, that Ali son of Abu Talib is my brother, my deputy and my successor [over my nation], and the [leader] Imam after me, the one whose status to me is that of Haroon to Musa, except that no prophet will come after me.

And that next to God and His messenger, he [Ali] is your guardian.

Indeed, holy and mighty God has already sent down verse in His book saying:

'Your guardian is God and His Messenger and Believers who are firm in prayers and give charity even as they bow down.’

And Ali son of Abu Talib was [the one] firm in prayers and gave charity while he bowed, seeking at all times the pleasure of the honourable and mighty God.

And [three times] I asked Gabriel to plead [God for guarantee].

To excuse me, from delivering this message to you, O people.

Because I know that few are the righteous.

And many are the hypocrites.

And treacherous are the sinners.

And cunning are those who mock Islam.

God has described them in His book.

‘They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts, thinking lightly of it, while it is grave in the sight of God.’

They hurt me often on many occasions.

Calling me 'ears' [of Ali].

Alleging this because of Ali’s many visits to me.

And of my giving him much attention.

So much so that God the honourable and majestic revealed this:

'Among them are those hurt the prophet and call him an ear.

Tell them, that ear is good for you.

He believes in God.

And believes the believers.

And is a blessing for those among you who believe.

But for those who hurt God’s messenger, there is a painful punishment.'

If I wanted, I could have named those who called me such things, and pointed them out.

I would have singled them out for what they really are.

But, by God, I have dealt with their matter graciously.

Yet God is still not happy at all this.

Not until I fully deliver what God has sent down to me.

[Regarding the right of Ali].

'O Messenger! Deliver what has been revealed to you.’

[About Ali].

‘Because if you do not, you would not have delivered His message at all.

And [worry not] God will save you from the people.’

Know what I have said O Mankind:

That God has designated him [Ali] guardian and leader for you.

Obedience to him is a duty of Mohajreen and Ansaar [people of Mecca and Medina].

And the righteous who follow them.

And for every nomad and city resident.

For the Arab and the Ajam.

For the slave and the free.

For the young and the old.

And for black and white.

For all those who accept one God.

His [Ali’s] decree is carried out.

And his word is Law.

And his will is established.

Cursed are those who oppose him.

Blessed are those who follow him.

And believers are those who acknowledge him.

God has forgiven those who listens to him and obeys him.

O Mankind. This is the last stand I make in such a gathering.

Therefore, listen and submit to the command of your Lord.

Indeed your guardian is God the honourable and majestic.

So is your guardian [His messenger] Muhammad who is now addressing you.

And then, after me, by the command of God your Lord, your guardian and leader is Ali.

So are [your guardians] the lmams [leaders] of my lineage from his offspring, till the [last] Day you meet God and His Messenger.

Nothing is allowed except that which is permitted by God [and His messenger and these [divine leaders]].

And nothing is forbidden except that which is banned by God [and His messenger and these [divine leaders]].

The honourable and majestic God has revealed to me [all] what is permitted and what is prohibited.

And I have told him [Ali] what my Lord taught me of His Book, and what is allowed and what is forbidden.

O Mankind, there is no knowledge except that which God has given to me.

And I have given all the knowledge that I was taught to the Leader of the Righteous [Imam al Mutakeen].

And there is no knowledge except what I taught Ali.

Because he is the Manifest Leader [Imam al Mobeen]

[God mentions him in surah Ya-Seen: 'Everything We have placed in an Evident Imam.’]

O Mankind, Do not leave him.

Nor run away from him.

Nor reject his authority.

Because he is the one who practically guides to the truth.

And defeats falsehood and outlaws it.

And in God’s path [he] does not fear any accusation from blamers.

He is the first to believe in God and in His messenger.

And he is the one who risked his life for God’s messenger.

[On behalf of God, I ordered him [during danger] to sleep in my bed, and he did so as a sacrifice for me.]

He was with God’s messenger when not one man served God in company of his messenger.

O Mankind, choose him because God has chosen him.

And turn to him, because God has appointed him.

O Mankind, he is the Imam from God.

God shall never turn to anyone who denies his authority.

Nor will He forgive him.

This is a decisive decree from God for anyone who opposes him.

He shall punish him with a painful torment, time after time for all eternity.

So, beware lest you should oppose him and come to the fire whose fuel is men and stones prepared for the infidels.

O Mankind, by God, all past prophets and messengers gave news of my arrival.

I am the last of the prophets and messengers.

And [I am] the Proof for all beings in the heavens and in the earths [planets].

He who doubts this is a disbeliever like the disbelievers of past periods of ignorance.

And anyone who doubts one thing of what I have just said, he doubts everything [God] revealed to me.

[And he who doubts any one of the Imams has doubted them all].

And anyone who doubts us will be [thrown] in the fire.

O Mankind, the honourable and majestic God has bestowed this merit upon me out of His kindness.

There is no god but He.

To Him is praise from me in all conditions.

Time after time, and for all eternity.

O Mankind, take Ali.

After me, he is the best of mankind, males and females.

So long as God sends down His sustenance.

And there exists creation.

Curse upon curse and wrath upon wrath is on those who disputes this saying of mine or rejects it.

Indeed [Angel] Gabriel has told me this from the most high God who said:

'Anyone who opposes Ali and refuses to accept his authority shall have My curse and wrath on him.’

'So every soul should see what it has sent ahead for itself.

And be careful with God lest slips the foot after its stability.

Truly God is aware of your behaviour.’

O Mankind, he [Ali] is the Side of God, as mentioned in the Book.

The Almighty said: 'Lest a soul should say: O woe unto me because I had ignored the Side of God.’

O Mankind, reflect on the Koran.

And understand its verses.

Keep sight of clear obvious ones.

And do not follow ambiguous [confusing] parts.

Because, by God, no one can explain their mysteries to you.

Nor can anyone make clear their interpretations for you.

Except this one [Ali] whose hand I have held and brought near to me [and raised his arm].

And about whom I taught you that he is master of those who take me as their master.

And he is Ali, son of Abu Talib, my brother and my executor.

Whose appointment as your master has been sent down onto me from the honourable and majestic God.

[I am leaving for you two great forces, you will not go astray if you hold on to them].

[One is the book of God.

It contains light and guidance.

So hold fast onto the book of God and stay with it.

Second is my family.

I remind you of God regarding my family.

I remind you of God regarding my family.

I remind you of God regarding my family.

See how you treat them.]

O Mankind.

Indeed, Ali and the pure ones from my offspring are the younger force while Koran is the elder force.

Each one [of these two] relates to the other.

And they will remain together.

And united [in agreement].

They shall never separate until they meet me at the Fountain [of Koser in Heaven].

They are God’s trust on creation and [His] forces on Earth.

[Holding Ali's arm high]:

O Mankind.

[Who has greater right over your souls?

[they said God and you].


I am master of those whose master is this Ali.

I am master of those whose master is Ali.

I am master of those whose master is Ali.

O God, be with those who are with him.

Be an enemy to those who are his enemies.

Help those who help him.

And leave those who leave him!].

O Mankind.

This is Ali.

My brother.

And executor.

And the vessel of my knowledge.

And my successor over my nation.

And interpreter of the book of God, the honourable and majestic.

And the [true] preacher.

His behaviour is what pleases Him [God].

He fights His enemies.

And calls to His service.

And warns against disobedience.

He is the successor of God’s messenger.

The Leader of the Believers.

The Imam of Guidance.

The avenger of treaty breakers.

The oppressors.

And the apostates.

I say with authority from God.

That there is no changing of my word.

By Divine authority I say.

O Lord, be a friend to him whoever is his friend.

And be an enemy of him whoever hates him.

Curse those who reject him.

And cast your wrath on those who deny his right.

Now indeed I have fulfilled it.

I have delivered.

I have made you hear.

I have explained.

Indeed, as the honourable and majestic God has said.

So I have done on behalf of God the honourable and majestic.

Indeed, besides this brother of mine, there is no other Leader of the Believers.

And after me, no one else besides him should use the title of Leader of the Believers.

O Lord! You have revealed [this verse regarding Ali.

Your chosen representative.

On the day of his appointment.

And at a time when his authority is made plain.]

'This day I have perfected your Way for you.

And completed My Blessing on you.

And chosen Islam as your Way.'

And, you said:

'If anyone desires a Way other than submission [to Ali], it will never be accepted from him.

And in the hereafter he will be among the losers.'

O Lord! I ask you to bear witness that I have delivered.

O Mankind, the honourable and majestic God has perfected your religion through his Leadership.

So, now those who does not follow him and the Imams of my progeny from him till the Day of Judgment when deeds are presented to God the honourable and majestic, they are the ones whose deeds shall become fruitless and vain, and they shall live in fire forever.

'Their torment shall not be decreased, nor shall they be given a respite.’

O Mankind, here is Ali.

The one who has been my greatest supporter.

And therefore the most worthy among you in my sight.

The closest in kinship and the dearest among you.

The honourable and majestic God and I are pleased with him.

No verse [of Koran] has come regarding pleasure [of God] except about him.

Nor has God spoken to believers with honour but that he was meant first.

Nor has any verse of praise of Koran was sent down except in his honour.

Nor has the Lord testified about Paradise in the chapter of: 'Has not long period of time passed over man…’ except for him.

Nor was it revealed for anyone but him.

Nor in praise for anyone but him.

O Mankind, He is [Ali] the supporter of God’s way.

And one who defends God’s messenger.

He is the righteous.

The pure.

The guide.

And the guided.

Your Nabi is the best Nabi.

Your Wasi is the best Wasi.

[Best Prophet and the best executive].

And his sons are the best executives.

O Mankind.

Every Prophet's lineage is from his own loins.

But my lineage is from the loins of Ali.

O Mankind.

Through envy Satan caused Adam to be removed from the garden.

Therefore do not envy him [Ali] lest your feet slip and your deeds become a waste.

Adam only made one mistake.

And he was sent down even though he was special to God the honourable and majestic.

How then will your condition be, you being who you are.

And among you are enemies of God.

Indeed, only an evil wretched person hates Ali.

And no one except the pious keeps himself close to Ali.

And no one believes in him except a true believer.

For Ali, God sent down Surat al Asr [in Koran]:

'In the Name of God the merciful the compassionate.

I swear by the period, indeed man is truly in loss.

Except those who believe and support one another in truth and support one another in steadfastness.'

O Mankind, I have made God my witness and I have delivered the message to you.

'The messenger is required only to give the message clearly.'

O Mankind.

'Fear God as He ought to be feared.

And do not die except in submission [to Him].'

O Mankind.

‘Believe in God and His messenger.

And in the Light that was sent down with him.’

‘Before We alter the faces, then turn them on their backs, or curse them as We cursed the breakers of the Sabbath.’

[By God, no one are meant by this verse other than whom I know by name and by lineage.

Yet I have been ordered to ignore them.]

O Mankind, the Light from God, honourable and majestic, has been placed in me.

And then into Ali.

And then in his descendants.

Till the Messiah al Mehdi.

Who will establish Divine right and all our rights.

God, honourable and majestic, made us His Proofs over all His worlds.

[And against] the heedless.

The stubborn.

The defectors.

The treacherous.

The sinners.

The oppressors.

And the usurpers.

O Mankind.

I am the messenger of God, and I am warning you.

Before me many messengers have passed away.

Therefore, if I die or be killed, will you turn back on your heels?

Because who ever turns back on their heels will not harm God in the least.

But God will reward the grateful [and the steadfast].

Truly it is Ali who is described [by God] as the grateful and the patient.

So are my offspring from his loins.

O Mankind, do not think you are doing God any favour by submitting to Him.

Otherwise His wrath will visit you.

And His punishment will inflict you.

Truly He is always watching.

O Mankind, after me there will be [false] leaders who will take people to the fire.

On the day of judgement no one will help them.

O Mankind, God and I are both clear of them.

O Mankind, they will be in the lowest depths of hell.

So too will be their supporters, and their followers.

Evil indeed is the home of the arrogant.

They are companions of the scroll [a secret pact against Ali].

Therefore, each one of you should look at his own scroll [of deeds].

O Mankind, I leave behind this divine rule as an inheritance for my children till the day of judgement.

Certainly I have delivered what I have been commanded to deliver as a proof against everyone.

Present or absent.

Witness or not a witness.

Born or yet to be born.

Everyone who is present should pass this message to all others who are not here, till the day of judgement.

Parent must tell their children.

However, [I know] some people will usurp [divine leadership] and replace it with their own kingdom.

May God curse the usurpers who dispossess.

'And soon we will settle your score about the two weights [koran and holy family]’

'and on you [enemies] shall be poured molten brass and flames; never will you succeed.’

O Mankind, God, honourable and majestic, will not leave you until He separates the impure from the pure.

Nor does God let you have knowledge of the unseen.

O Mankind, there is no community that God will not destroy because of its rejection of the truth.

That is what God Almighty says how He destroyed unjust societies.

This [Ali] is your Leader [Imam] and your Guardian.

These are God’s promises.

Indeed God fulfils His promises.

O Mankind, most of the early generations before you have strayed.

And by God, He annihilated the early generations.

And He will annihilate the later ones.

God Almighty has said, 'Did We not destroy the former generations?

Then We will do the same with later ones.

This is how We treat the guilty.

Woe onto the liars on that Day.’

O Mankind, God has given me the commandments and prohibitions.

And I gave them to Ali.

Hence with him is all knowledge of what is commanded and forbidden.

Therefore, listen to his orders to remain secure.

Obey him to remain guided.

Shun what he forbids to remain wise.

Side with him.

And do not let other ways separate you from his path.

O Mankind.

I am the path of God – straight - which He ordered you to follow.

And after me is Ali.

Then are my offspring from his loins the Imams [Leaders] who guide by truth and turn [people] towards it.

'In the Name of God the Merciful the Compassionate.

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.

The Merciful, the Compassionate.

The owner of day of judgement.

You we worship.

You we ask for help.

Guide us on the straight path.

Path of those whom you have blessed.

Not of those whom you cursed.

Nor those who are Lost.’

This was sent down in my honour.

And in their [Imams’] honour.

Generally and specifically.

They are the 'friends of God on whom there is no fear, nor regret’.

Truly “this is the Party of God that is Victorious.

Indeed, it is their enemies who are dissenters.

The deviators.

The Satanic Brotherhood.

They inspire one another with decorated speeches in order to deceive.

While the friends [of Imams] are the ones who are mentioned by God in His book.

The honourable and majestic said:

'You will not find any people who believe in God and the last day loving those who oppose God and His messenger.

Even though they are their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their clans.

On their heart God has stamped conviction.

And has strengthened them with a Spirit from Him.

And He will bring them into Gardens underneath which rivers flow.

Where they will live.

God is well pleased with them.

And they are well pleased with Him.

They are the Party of God.

Indeed is it not God’s Party who are the successful?’

Indeed, their friends are those whose characteristics God, honourable and majestic describes as:

'They are believers who do not cover [mix] their belief with injustice [and wrong].

They are the ones at peace.

They are the ones truly guided.’

[Indeed, their friends are those who believed and have never doubted.]

Indeed, their friends will securely enter Paradise.

The angels will welcome them with greeting.

'Well done, please enter your home for all eternity.’

Indeed, their friends are the ones about whom God, honourable and majestic said that they will enter Paradise.

Without having to give account.

[There they will be given provisions].

Indeed, it is their enemies who will arrive at the fire.

Indeed, their enemies will hear its breath and intensity, with sobs and sighs.

Indeed, about their enemies God has said:

'Whenever a nation enters [hell], it shall curse its sister [nation].’

Indeed, their enemies God, honourable and majestic describe as:

'Whenever a group is thrown in [fire], its keepers will ask, did no warner come to you?

They will reply, yes a warner did come.

But we rejected him saying you are greatly deceived, God does not reveal anything.

And, they will say,

had we listened,

and used our intelligence,

we would not have been the companions of the blazing fire.

They will admit their sins.

But far from forgiveness will be companions of the blazing fire.’

But not so will be [our] friends, who feared their Lord Unseen.

For them is forgiveness and a tremendous reward.

O Mankind, great is the difference between the blazing fire and a mighty reward.

Our enemy is the one who is condemned by God and cursed.

While our friend one who is praised by God and loved.

O Mankind.

I am the Warner and Ali is the Guide.

O Mankind.

I am the Nabi and Ali is the Wasi.

[God’s messenger and His executive].

The last of the Imams [divine leaders] will be Messiah the Mehdi.

He will prevail over all ideologies.

He will be the avenger against the oppressors.

He will be the conqueror of fortresses.

And be their demolisher.

He is the destroyer of idolatrous societies.

He is the retaliator for the blood of the friends of God the honourable and majestic.

He is the supporter of the Divine Ideology.

He will extract from deep ocean.

He will mark every wise man with his distinction.

And all ignorant men with their ignorance.

He is chosen by God.

And God is his selector.

He is inheritor of all knowledge.

And the encompassor [of every understanding].

He will reveal from his Lord honourable and majestic.

He will tell about the matters of beliefs.

He is correct, mistakeless, in whom authority has been secured.

Good news about him had been delivered by previous generations.

He will remain a Proof [of God].

And after him there will be no proofs.

And there will be no truth except that which is with him.

nor any Light except with him.

No one can defeat him.

And there will be no help against him.

He is the divine protector on earth.

And God’s Judge over the creation.

The keeper of His secrets.

And what is revealed.

O Mankind, I have explained for you.

And made you understand.

And after me this Ali will make you comprehend.

And finally, I call upon you to recognise his authority.

And to swear oath of allegiance to him by shaking my hands.

And then, after me, shaking his hands.

I have sworn allegiance to God.

And Ali had sworn allegiance to me.

And I require you [all] to swear the oath of allegiance to him on behalf of God the honourable and majestic.

'Surely those who swear oath of allegiance to you, they actually swear oath of allegiance to God.

The hand of God is over their hands.

Whoever violates his oath, he violates his own soul.

And whoever remains true to the promise he makes with God, he will receive a mighty reward.’

[People rush to shake Prophet’s hand and then Ali’s hand].

O Mankind, the Hajj and Omra, and Safa and Marwa, are among the standards of God.

And he is not wrong who walks between them when he makes a pilgrimage to the House [of God] in or out of season.

O Mankind, go on a pilgrimage to the House [of God].

Because not one family went there except that they were enriched.

[and given good news].

And none failed to go except that they were made poor.

O Mankind, there is not a believer who stands at the stopping place [at Arafa] except that God forgives all his past sins.

After the pilgrimage, his [life] deeds resume.

O Mankind, pilgrims will be supported and their costs repaid.

For God never wastes wages of good doers.

O Mankind, go on pilgrimage to the [sacred] House after you have perfected your faith and understanding.

And do not leave the holy grounds until you have repented and desisted [from wrong].

O Mankind.

Perform Salat and give Zakat.

[Prayer and Charity].

As commanded by the honourable and majestic God.

But if time escapes you, and you forget, or neglect, then Ali your guardian will make it clear for you.

God the honourable and majestic has designated him for you.

[As trustee of creation.

He is from me and I from him].

He and those who will succeed him from my lineage will inform you of anything you ask.

And tell you things which you do not know.

Certainly, the prohibited and permitted things are more than I can place limit on and number.

Nor call towards or advise against all in one place.

Therefore, I was ordered to take your oath of allegiance and promise to accept what I have brought from God honourable and majestic, regarding Ali the Leader of the Believers, and after him, the successors who are from him and me.

O Mankind, I have directed you to every good action.

And forbade you from every sinful action.

I will not change this nor take it back.

Therefore, remember it.

And keep it safe.

And tell one another about it.

And do not replace it.

Nor alter it.

I will say it again.

Perform prayers and give charity.

[Worship God and help the poor]

Call towards good.

And discourage wrongdoing.

Truly, the best cause towards righteousness is to understand what I have said.

And to preach it to those who are not present here.

And to discourage them from rejecting it.

Because it is the order from God the honourable and majestic.

And [also] from me.

And, [know] there is neither call to goodness, nor forbidding of evil, other than with the infallible Imam [leader].

O Mankind, the [holy book] Koran tells you that Imams after him [Ali] are his descendants.

And I have told you that these are his and mine.

Because God the honourable and majestic says in His book, 'And he made a Word to remain in his seed.’

And I told you that you would not go astray if you hold on to both.

O Mankind.

Be pious.

Be pious.

And beware of the [last] Hour.

God the honourable and majestic has said, 'the shaking on that Hour will be something mighty.’

Remember the death.

[and the resurrection].

The judgment.

The scales.

And the account in the hands of Lord of the Worlds.

And the reward and the penalty.

Whoever arrives with goodness will be rewarded.

And whoever comes with sin, he will have no share in the Gardens [of Paradise].

[People still lining up to give pledges].

O Mankind, you are here too many to shake my hand at one time.

So, God the honourable and majestic has ordered me to take a voice promise from you regarding Ali, the Leader of the Believers.

And about the Imams after him who are from him and me.

My descendants are from his loins, just as I told you.

Therefore, you all say this with voice:

'Indeed we have heard and obeyed,

we are happy and bounded by what you have delivered from your Lord,

regarding the authority of Ali, the Leader of the Believers,

and the authority of Imams, your children from his loins.

We swear allegiance to you about this

with our hearts,

our souls,

our tongues,

and our hands.

We shall live and die according to this, and then be resurrected.

We shall neither alter,

nor replace,

nor doubt,

[nor deny],

nor distrust,

nor go back on our promise,

nor breach the pact.

[You have on behalf of God advised us about Ali.]

We obey God,

and obey you,

and Leader of the Believers, Ali

and his children Hasan and Husain of your lineage,

[and whoever God appoints after them].

We obey God,

and obey you,

and Ali,

Hasan and Husain,

and the Imams you mentioned,

based on the promise and pledge taken from us for Ali,

from our hearts,

our souls,

our tongues,

our minds,

and our hands.

Anyone who is able to he will shake his hand,

and if he cannot,

he will say the pledge with his tongue.

We will not try to replace it,

nor will God see us divert from it.

We will convey this,

on your behalf,

to those who are near and far,

[and] to our children and families.

On this God be our witness,

and God is enough for a witness.

You are also our witness,

and everyone who obeyed openly or secretly,

and angels of God,

and His forces,

and His servants,

and God is greater than every witness.’

O Mankind, what do you say!

God knows all the sounds and secrets of every soul.

'Whoever accepts guidance does so for the benefit of his own soul.

And whoever strays does to his own harm.’

And, 'those who pledge loyalty have indeed pledged loyalty to God. The Hand of God is over their hand.’

O Mankind, fear God.

And swear your oath of allegiance to Ali, the Leader of the Believers.

Blessings of God be upon him.

And to Hasan and Husain.

And to the Imams [from them].

The pure Word that will remain.

God will destroy the treacherous.

And [He] will show mercy to the loyal.

'Whoever breaks it will harm his soul;

and whoever fulfils his promise to God will soon have a mighty reward.’

O Mankind, say what I have said.

And greet Ali as the Leader of the Believers.

And say: 'We heard and we obeyed.

Forgive us O Lord.

To You is our return.’

And say: 'Praise be to God who has guided us to this.

For never would we have been guided without the guidance from God.’

O Mankind.

The virtues of Ali son of Abu Talib with God the honourable and majestic, which are mentioned in the Koran, are more numerous than I can say in one speech.

So believe whoever informs you and makes you aware of them.

O Mankind, whoever obeys God and His messenger and Ali and the Imams will attain a great victory.

O Mankind, those first of you to swear allegiance to him,

and accepting his authority,

and taking him as the Leader of the Believers,

are winners of gardens of bliss.

O Mankind, say that [word] which makes God pleased with you.

And if you and all the people of the earth disbelieve, it will not harm God in the least.

O Lord! Forgive the believers [through what I have delivered and ordered].

And send Your wrath upon [the deniers] the disbelievers.

And Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds."

The End.


Primary source: ITJAJ BY TABRISI.

The text of the Ghadir Sermon was published on the internet by S. Saclain during the holy week celebrating the births of  Prophet Mohammed, and the sixth divine Imam, Jafar al Sadek. Lunar month of Rabi. Year 1430 Hijri. March 2009.


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