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Scientific Koran



Scientific Creation 1

# Universe was Created in Six Long Periods

Koran, chapter 7 verse 54 states:

"Your Lord is Allah who created the Galaxies and the Earth in six periods of time."

Different things happen in various lengths of time.

"He directs the ordinance from the Space to the Earth; then it ascends to Him in a period of time which is measured in a thousand years of your reckoning." 32.5

"The Angels and the Spirit ascend to Him a period of time which is measured in 50,000 years." 70.4

In one verse, it seems eight periods are mentioned. But the word “moreover” gives us the clue that two periods are included in the others. There is no chronology of creation in the Koran. The book does not give is any definite sequence in which Universe was produced by God.

"Do you reject Him Who created the Earth in two periods? Do you compare others to Him? He is the Lord of the Worlds. He set in it mountains standing firm. He blessed it. He measured therein its sustenance in four periods, in due proportion, in accordance with the needs of those who may ask. Moreover, He turned to Space when it was smoke and said to it and to the Earth: come willingly or unwillingly! They said: we come in willing obedience. Then He ordained them seven Galaxies in two periods, and He assigned to each Galaxy its mandate by Revelation. And We adorned the lower Galaxy with luminaries and provided it a guard. Such is the decree of the All Mighty, the Full of Knowledge." 41.9-12

"Are you the harder to create or is it the Galaxy which was built? He raised its canopy and fashioned it with harmony. He made dark the night and he brought out the forenoon. And after that He spread it out. From it He drew out its water and its pasture. And the mountains He has fixed firmly. Goods for you and your cattle." 79.27

"Do not the Unbelievers see that the Galaxies and the Earth were joined together, then We clove them asunder and We got every living thing out of the water. Will they not then believe?" 21.30

"Moreover, (Allah) turned to the Galaxy when it was smoke and said to it and to the Earth . . ." 41.11

"(Allah) is the One Who created for you all that is on the Earth. Moreover, He turned to the Space and fashioned seven Galaxies with harmony. He is Full of Knowledge of all things." 2.29

"And We have created above you seven paths. We have never been unmindful of the Creation." 23.17

"(Allah) is the One Who created seven Galaxies one above an other. Thou canst see no fault in the creation of the Beneficent. Turn the vision again! Canst thou see any rift?" 67.3

By 'seven Galaxies' what is meant indefinite number of Galaxies. Translators often use “heavens” for galaxies.

"Did you see how Allah created seven Galaxies one above another and made there moon a light and made the sun a lamp?” 71.15

Moon is called 'Light' (nur) and Sun is called 'Lamp' (siraj).

"We have built above you seven strong (Galaxies) and placed a blazing lamp (Sun)." 78.12

"Allah is the One who created seven Galaxies and the Earth of a similar number. The command descends among them so that you know that Allah has power over all things and comprehends everything in His knowledge." 65.12

Koran is talking about the existence of more Earths like our own.

"To Him belongs what is in the Galaxies, on Earth, between them and beneath the soil." 20.6

"The One who created the Galaxies, the Earth and what is between them in six periods." 25.59

"Allah is the One who created the Galaxies, the Earth and what is between them in six periods." 32.4

"We created the Galaxies, the Earth, and what is between them in six periods, and no tiredness came near us." 50.38

Koran, unlike the Bible, states that God did not need rest on the seventh day.


"Do they not look at the Galaxy above them, how We have built it and adorned it, and there are no rifts in it." 50.6

"(Allah) created the Galaxies without any pillars that you can see" 31.10

"Allah is the One who raised the Galaxies without any pillars that you can see. Then He firmly established Himself on the Throne, and He subjected the sun and moon." 13.2

"The Galaxy (He) raised it" 55.7

"(Allah) holds back the Galaxy from falling on the Earth, except by His permission." 22.65

"Ask them (O Muhammad), who is Lord of the seven Galaxies and Lord of the tremendous throne?" 23.86

"For you is subjected all that is in the Galaxies and on the Earth, all from Him. Behold! In that are signs for people who think." 45.13

"The sun and moon follow calculations" 55.5

"(Allah) appointed the night for rest and the sun and the moon for reckoning." 6.96

"For you is subjected the sun and the moon, both diligently pursuing their courses. And for you He subjected the night and the day." 14.33

"For you (Allah) subjected the night and the day, the sun and the moon; the stars are in subjection to His Command. Indeed in this are signs for wise people." 16.12

"(Allah) is the One who has set out for you the stars, that you may guide yourselves by them through dark land and sea. We have detailed the signs for scientists." 6.97

"(Allah sets) landmarks, and by the stars (they) guide themselves." 16.16

"Allah is the One who made the sun a shining glory and the moon a light, and for her ordained mansions, so that you might know the number of years and the reckoning. Allah really created this. He explains the signs in detail for scientists." 10.5

"Blessed is the One who placed the constellations in Space and placed therein a lamp and a lighted moon." 25.61

"Did you see how Allah created seven Galaxies one above an other and in there lighted the moon and made the sun a lamp?" 71.15

"We have built above you seven strong (structures) and placed a blazing lamp." 78.12

"We have indeed adorned the lowest Space with an ornament, the planets." 37.6

Koran also speaks of safety features that are set up around the Earth. Verses mention 'guard against every rebellious evil spirit', and the 'projectiles for the stoning of demons' in the lowest Galaxy. 'Luminaries' are also mentioned. We do not yet know what these statements refer to. Science has not advanced enough to interpret these claims. Perhaps what is meant here are different types of protections to provide security for the Earth against threats and dangers arriving at the atmosphere from outer space?

Some verses speak of Sun running its course towards a place of its own. The Koran claims that our Star is travelling towards a particular destination. Today scientists have named that destination as the Solar Apex. At incredible speed, the whole solar system is heading for this point in our Milky Way Galaxy.

"The One who created the night, the day, the sun and the moon. Each one is travelling in an orbit with its own motion." 21.33

"The sun must not catch up the moon, nor does the night outstrip the day. Each one is travelling in an orbit with its own motion." 36.40

"He covers the day with the night which is in rushing to follow it" 7.54

"Night is a sign for them. We strip it of the day and they are in darkness." 36.37

"Have you not seen how Allah merges the night into the day and merges the day into the night." 31.29

"He coils the night upon the day and He coils the day upon the night." 39.5

Koran also states some very modern idea.

"The Galaxy, We have built it with power. Indeed, We are expanding it." 51.47

"Do the rejecters not see that the Galaxies and the Earth were joined together, then We clove them asunder, and We got every living thing out of the water. Will they then reject?" 21.30

The Expanding Universe idea is now held by many of world’s great scientists. Big Bang theory is also now accepted as starting point of the Universe. Both modern ideas are indicated in the text of the Koran.



Scientific Creation 2

# Human Reproduction

God in Koran, chapter 82 verse 6 states:

"O Man! who deceives you about your Lord the Noble, Who created you and fashioned you in due proportion and gave you any form He willed."

71.14 "(Allah) fashioned you in (various) stages."

Koran states that very small amount of liquid is needed for human fertilization.

16.4 "(Allah) fashioned man from a trickle."

Koran says only a dribble (nutfa) is required for a human being.

75.37 "Was (man) not a small quantity of mani (sperm) which has been poured out?"

Sperm is in 'safely established place’, which mean the genital organs.

23.13 "Then We placed (man) as a small quantity (of sperm) in a safe lodging firmly established."

Koran tells us what is in the liquid. It is 'sperm'.

'a liquid poured out'.

"Man was fashioned from a liquid poured out" 86.6

32.8 'a despised liquid' 77.20

The liquid is unclean and undesirable outside its intended place.

"Indeed, we fashioned man from a small quantity of mingled liquids" 76.2

"(Allah) made his progeny from the extract (essence) of a despised liquid.”

Koran names the lodging of the fertilized egg:

22.5 "We cause whom We will to rest in the womb for an appointed term."

Egg is implanted in uterus inside female organs. Doctors have discovered that the egg literally cling to the uterus. This clinging was revealed many times in the Koran.

96.1 "Read, in the name of thy Lord Who fashioned,
Who fashioned man from something which clings."

75.37 "Was (man) not a small quantity of sperm which has been poured out? After that he was something which clings; then Allah fashioned him in proper proportion."

Some translations mistakenly render the word as blood clot.

In the Koran, the maternal uterus is called a 'lodging firmly established'

The muslim holy book gives details of how the baby develops inside the mother. It is what science has found to be true. Scientists can challenge no verse of Koran. For example, baby was initially something with clings, then looks like flesh that has been chewed, and finally this flesh is covered with some tissue.

23.14 "We fashioned the thing which clings into a lump of chewed flesh and We fashioned the chewed flesh into bones and We clothed the bones with intact flesh."

39.6 "(Allah) fashions you inside your mother’s bodies, formation after formation, in three (stages of) darkness.”

Verse speaks of three layers which protect the baby: the abdominal wall, the uterus itself, and the liquids that cover the child, ie placenta, embryonic membranes, amniotic fluid.

"something which clings… into a lump of flesh in proportion and out of proportion."

The baby then is given senses.

32.9 "(Allah) appointed for you the sense of hearing, sight and the viscerae."

Babies gender is also determined.

53.45 "(Allah) fashioned the two of a pair, the male and the female, from a small quantity (of sperm) when it is poured out."

35.11 "Allah created you from dust, then from a sperm-drop, then He made you pairs (the male and female)."

75.39 "And, (Allah) made of him a pair, the male and female."

It is clear that facts found by science agree with these verses of Koran. Scientists


Two verses in the Koran deal with sexual relations themselves. They are described in terms which unite the need for precision with that of decency.

86.6 "(Man) was fashioned from a liquid poured out. It issued (as a result) of the conjunction of the sexual area of the man and the sexual area of the woman."

The sexual area of the man is indicated in the text of the Koran by the world sulb (singular). The sexual areas of the woman are designated in the Koran by the word tara'ib (plural).

The behavior of a man in his intimate relationships with his wife is stated explicitly.

There is the order concerning the menstruation period; God gives the following command to the Prophet:

2.222 "They (the Believers) question thee concerning menstruation. Say: This is an evil. Keep away from women during menstruation and do not approach them until they are clean. When they have purified themselves, go to them, as Allah ordered it to you.
"Verily, Allah loves the repentants and loves those who purified themselves.
"Your wives are a tilth. Go to your tilth as you will. Do (some good act) for your souls beforehand."

The beginning of this passage is very clear in meaning: it formally forbids a man to have sexual contact with a woman who has her period. The second part describes the process of tilling which the sower performs before sowing the seed which is to germinate and produce a new plant. Through this image therefore, stress is indirectly laid on the importance of bearing in mind the final purpose of sexual contact, i.e. reproduction. It contains an order which seems to refer to the preliminaries before sexual contact.

Sexual relations are permitted at night during the Fast in the month of Ramadan. The verse concerning Ramadan is as follows:

2.187 "Permitted to you, on the night of the fast, is to break chastity with your wives. They are a garment for you and you are a garment for them. So hold intercourse with them and seek what Allah has ordained for you."

In contrast to this, no exception to the rule is made for pilgrims in Makka during the celebration days of the Pilgrimage.

2.197 "For whom undertakes (the duty of) the Pilgrimage in its time, no wooing and no license."

This prohibition is formal, as is the fact that other activities are forbidden, e.g. hunting, fighting, etc.
Menstruation is again mentioned in the Koran in connection with divorce. The Book contains the following verse:

65.4 "For your wives who despair of menstruation, if you doubt about them, their period of waiting will be three months. For those who never have their monthly periods and those who are pregnant their period will be until they lay down their burden."

The waiting period referred to here is the time between the announcement of the divorce and the time it comes into effect. Those women of whom it is said 'they despair of menstruation' have reached the menopause. A precautionary period of three months is envisaged for them. Once this period is completed, divorced women who have reached the menopause may remarry.

For those who have not yet menstruated, the pregnancy period has to be awaited. For pregnant women, divorce only comes into effect once the child is born.

All these laws are in perfect agreement with physiological data. One can, furthermore, find in the Koran the same judicious legal provision in the texts dealing with widowhood.

Thus, the theoretical statements dealing with reproduction, and the practical instructions on the sex life of couples, do not contradict and cannot be placed in opposition to the data we have from modern knowledge, nor with anything that can be logically derived from it.

In view of the level of knowledge in Muhammad's day, it is inconceivable that many of the statements In the Koran which are connected with science could have been the work of a man. It is, moreover, perfectly legitimate, not only to regard the Koran as the expression of a Revelation, but also to award it a very special place, on account of the guarantee of authenticity it provides and the presence in it of scientific statements which, when studied today, appear as a challenge to explanation in human terms.

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