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War on Prophet's Family


War on Prophet and his Family

Al Olonzo (28 June 2012)
There was much political intrigue in days and weeks surrounding the death of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his holy family. Details of all these terrible events are contained in famous books of Tareekh and Hadees.

During lasts days of the Prophet, the disciples plotted to silence him by any means necessary. After his death, they grab political power from his designated successor Ali. They also take over Prophet’s properties and refuse to give anything to his daughter. After much corruption people revolt and elect Ali as rightful heir to the Prophet. Disciples and their sons wage open warfare on Ali. They kill Ali and his sons. To complete the coup, the enemies of Prophet try to alter Islam. They give praises to plotters and hypocrites. They attempt to change Prophet’s teachings through government sanctioned books. They write history and tradition in which they attribute false things to the Holy Prophet.

We give here only a brief account.

1. Ghadir Plot – disciples plot to grab political power from Prophet's named successor.

Prophet designates Ali as his successor at a place called Ghadir-e-Khumm. All disciples congratulate Ali on becoming their leader. However, some disciples disliked Ali. One of Prophet’s wife Aisha also hated Ali. A plan was hatched for taking power away from Ali.

2. Prophet Poisoned – disciples ask Aisha and Hafsa to get rid of the Prophet.

Disciples who did not like Ali, they wanted to make sure that Prophet makes no other move securing his leadership. They involve Prophet’s two wives Aisha and Hafsa. These wives did not like the Prophet. They also hated Ali.  Their father Abu Bakr and Umar were the Chief plotters of the coup. They ask Aisha and Hafsa to poison the Prophet. Aisha forces a mysterious liquid into Prophet’s mouth. It was poison. Prophet starts to feel great pain. His insides are being torn. But he does not die immediately as they expected.

3. Prayer Coup – Aisha appoints Abu Bakr to lead people in prayers.

Prophet is very ill. He cannot come to the Masjid to lead the people in congregational prayers. Aisha fabricated a message on behalf of Prophet. She says Prophet wants Abu Bakr to lead the prayers. Abu Bakr goes and takes over prayer duties. Its to make people like him, and also to convince them to accept him as someone appointed by Prophet to lead Muslims in his place. Aisha thought people will think that Prophet had changed his mind and appointed Abu Bakr. But when Prophet is told that Abu Bakr is leading the Muslims in prayers, he gets up despite his pain. He asks Ali and Abbas to hold him up. Prophet is supported as he walks to the Masjid in pain. He goes to the front where Abu Bakr is standing leading the Muslims. Prophet pushes Abu Bakr aside. Then Prophet leads the prayers himself.

4. Osama's Army Order – disciples disobey the Prophet and refuse to join the Army.

Prophet knew that Aisha and Hafsa had given him poison. He also knew that their fathers were planning a takeover of power. Prophet wants them all out of Medina at the time of his death. Prophet organises an army and makes Osama its commander. Osama is only 17. Prophet orders everyone to join Osama’s army. He orders Osama to take the men to the border. Abu Bakr, Umar and all plotters refuse to enlist in the army. Prophet gives the order again to join the army. Disciples start making excuses that Osama is too young, you are too ill, and Medina would be defenceless. Disciples disobey Prophet’s order. They say Prophet got it wrong, He made a mistake. Coup planners accuse the Prophet of being too ill and not thinking straight. General Osama waits for days. Elders have refused to join. Prophet goes to the pulpit and cursed those who did not join army of Osama.

5. Pen and Paper – disciples refuse to let the dying Prophet write his last will.

Prophet is lying on his death bed. It is fateful Thursday. Disciples are sitting around his bed. Umar is there to make sure nothing happens that can foil the plan. When Prophet asks for pen and paper, Umar refuses to bring it. He knows what Prophet would write down. Prophet again says bring me writing material so that I can write down an important instruction so that you would never go astray after me. Umar says Prophet is very ill. He is talking non-sense. He has lost his mind. We have the Quran with us. Book of God is sufficient for us. Good disciples get angry. They accuse others of disobeying the Prophet and insulting him. Prophet now cannot write his will. It would be invalid after they accused of insanity.

6. Saqifa Coup – disciples secretly choose Abu Bakr as the new leader.

Prophet dies on Monday. His holy body is lying in his house. Abu Bakr and Umar secretly rush to Saqifa. They do not inform Ali or anyone else of Prophet’s family. In Saqifa, the plotters choose Abu Bakr as the next ruler of Muslims. Ali was busy with the funeral.

7. Fadak Confiscation – Fatima's inheritance is stolen by Abu Bakr.

Abu Bakr fears that Ali might revolt. Aisha fears that Fatima might become rich by gaining the lands which Prophet owned. Aisha fabricated a hadith. She tells that her father Prophet said that messengers do not leave inheritance to their family, because whatever is left behind of their property is all for to be used as charity for the ummah. Abu Bakr uses this as excuses to grab inheritance of Prophet’s holy daughter Fatima. When Fatima asks Abu Bakr to give back what belong to her, he refuses and sites the fake hadith. Fatima becomes very angry with Abu Bakr. She never spoke to him ever again. She told him that she will complain to her holy father about him. Fatima warns Abu Bakr that she will curses him in every prayer. Aisha is furious with Fatima. Aisha plans to silence forever Fatima and Ali.

8. Attack on Fatima's home – disciples headed by Umar burn the house of Fatima.

Ali and his true followers had refused to accept Abu Bakr as their legimate leader. Abu Bakr orders Umar to bring them all, by force if necessary, and make them pledge allegiance. Umar lays siege to the house. Umar and his gang stand outside the house of Fatima and Ali. Umar shouts to Ali to bring all the rebels to Abu Bakr and accept him. When Ali refuses to recognise Abu Bakr, Umar set fire to home of Fatima. He is told Prophet’s daughter and his grandsons are inside. Umar says he does not care. Arson attack begins. Fatima screams. The burning door falls upon her. She was pregnant. She loses her unborn child. He had been named Mohsin. Umar and his gang enter the house and arrest Ali. They tie Ali with ropes and drag him on the ground towards Abu Bakr. Umar forced the hand of Ali on the hand of Abu Bakr.

9. Fatima's Secret Burial – Fatima asks Ali to prevent Abu Bakr and Umar attending her funeral.

Abu Bakr has authorised an attack on Fatima's home. Fatima
was seriously injured when Umar and his men attacked her home. She died two months later. Fatima asked Ali to bury her secretly at night. Fatima did not want Abu Bakr and Umar to attend her funeral. Ali buried the holy daughter of the Prophet at night. No one knows grave of Fatima to this day.

10. Zakat Massacres – Abu Bakr kills thousands of believers who deny his leadership.

Thousands of people had been at Ghadir. They witnessed the appointment of Ali as their Imam, Leader. But after Prophet’s death, they were surprised to find out Ali was not the ruler but it was Abu Bakr. They were not in Medina when Prophet died. They wanted to know what had happened. Therefore, thousands of people stopped paying their taxes until the matter is clarified. Abu Bakr did not want a public inquiry. Aisha invented another hadith attributed to the Prophet that people who do not obey the ruler are apostates and should be killed. Abu Bakr immediately ordered his general Khalid bin Waleed to go and warn Arab tribes to either submit or die. Abu Bakr wanted to silence all opposition. Khalid killed over twenty thousand followers of Prophet. Abu Bakr’s reign was now secure.

11. Knowledge Banned - New rulers outlaw Prophet's sayings and his sunnah.

Abu Bakr did not like people who reported the sayings of the Prophet. Good disciples were contradicting that which Aisha and other hypocrites were alleging. Plan was made to put a stop to this. Abu Bakr burned his collection of hadith. He also banned writing of hadith. Umar in his reign punished anyone who reported what Prophet had said or done.

12. Uthman Murdered – disciples kill the 3rd caliph for his corruption.

Aisha had a secret admirer. Tulha was her lover. Zubair was Tula’s accomplice. Aisha wanted Tulha be a leader. But when Umar died, he left Uthman as the new Caliph. Uthman was of the Omeya tribe, which had always opposed the Prophet. Uthman was corrupt like his Omeya clan. Uthman made governors from his relatives but did not give any high position to Aisha’s men. She did not like that. Aisha began to hate Uthman. She spread hatred about him. Eventually many disciples rebelled and killed Uthman for being corrupt. Aisha dream was nearly coming true. She thought Tulha might now rise to power. But it was not to be. By popular demand, Ali was hailed as the rightful Caliph. Aisha was furious with envy.

13. Basra Massacre – Ali’s followers in Basra are slaughtered by Aisha.

Ali and Aisha never got along. Ali was disliked by Aisha. Ali also did not like Aisha. She had given constant troubles to the Prophet. When Ali became leader of Muslims, Ali refused to give any position to Tulha or Zubair. Aisha was super mad. Aisha connived a plot with Tula and Zubair. Aisha blamed Ali for hiding murderers of Uthman. Many people fell for Aisha’s lies against Ali. Aisha led the revolt against Ali. Aisha raised an army and marched to Basra, the power base of Ali. She gave orders to her army to slaughter the followers of Ali. Thousands of allies of Ali were killed in Basra.

14. Camel Battle - Aisha goes to war with Ali.

Ali led his army and headed for Basra. Aisha’s army met him on the way. Aisha was sitting on a camel and giving orders as the commander of her army. Ali warned this wife of the Prophet to back to her house, and stay indoors as God told her to. Aisha launched attack on Ali’s forces. Ali’s men fought and defeated her army. Tulha and Zubair were killed in the Battle of the Camel. Ali’s men were so loyal that they killed the camel on which Aisha say. Aisha was escorted on a different camel back to Medina, and put under curfew. Aisha was placed under house arrest in Medina.

15. Battle of Siffin – Muawiya goes to war with Ali.

At this point in history, in the year 660, there were 3 Parties, or Shias: The Shias of Uthman, the Shias of Ali, and the Shias of Muawiya.
Muawiya was governor of Damascus. He was relative of Uthman from the Omeya tribe . Umar had appointed Muawiya. Muawiya was now dreaming of becoming the next Caliph. Muawiya hated the Prophet and Ali. Aisha supported Muawiya and urged him to remove Ali from Caliphate. Muawiya listened to Aisha and launched war on Ali. It was a stalemate.

16. Murder of Ali – Muawiya assassinates Ali.

Both Muawiya and Aisha fought Ali, but they could not defeat him. Aisha told Muawiya that Ali best time to kill Ali is when he is concentrating in prayers. Muawiya hired an assassin to kill Ali. Ali was in morning prayers in the Kufa masjid. Ali was stuck with a sword as he bowed to God. Ali was martyred on a very holy and powerful night of Ramadan. Aisha was told that Ali has been killed. Ali’s death was good news for Aisha. Aisha thanked Allah that Ali was dead. Aisha bowed down in happiness that her enemy had been killed.

17. Hasan Poisoned – Muawiya bribes Hasan’s wife to poison him.

Ali had been assassinated. However, Ali’s sons Hasan and Husayn were still alive. Aisha’s hatred for Prophet’s descendents was still burning like a fire in her heart. Aisha plotted to get rid of the pious grandsons of the holy Prophet. Aisha told Muawiya that Ali’s sons might pose a threat to him. Muawiya believed Aisha. Muawiya planned to tempt Joda, the wife of Hasan. Muawiya promised Joda that he would marry her to his son Yazid. Muawiya said to Joda that you would be a queen if you can get rid of Hasan. Hasan was poisoned by his greedy wife. Hasan was killed just like the Prophet. Holy grandfather and his grandson were both killed by poisoning. Joda received nothing. Muawiya broke his promise to her.

18. Hasan’s Body Desecrated – Aisha fires arrows on body of Prophet's grandson Hasan.

Hasan was killed by poisoning. His bother Husayn washed his dead body. Husayn said he would bury Hasan next to the holy Prophet. Aisha refused to let Hasan be buried near his grandfather. Aisha told Husayn that Hasan should be buried somewhere else. Aisha did not want Hasan buried in the masjid. Husayn ignored Aisha, and prepared to bury his brother near the grave of the Holy Prophet. Hasan’s body was taken to be buried next to his grandfather. Aisha was furious. She ordered Medina’s governor to prevent Hasan’s burial at all cost. Governer asked troops to stop the funeral procession of Hasan. Troops fired arrows on the holy body of Hasan. Husayn brought back the body of Hasan to his house. The body was full of arrows. Husayn wept as he took arrows from his bother’s body. Hasan was then buried in Baki Cemetery. Baki graveyard is just outside the Prophet’s masjid in Medina.
Aisha was happy that Hasan was dead and buried. Muawiya had got rid of Ali’s eldest son. Aisha advised Muawiya to get rid of Husayn too. But Muawiya did not listen to Aisha over Husayn. Muawiya’s felt his reign was now secure. Aisha left betrayed by Muawiya. Muawiya’s men advised him tie all loose ends. Muawiya knew that a scorned women is a threat. Muawiya decided to get rid of Aisha. Muawiya planned to get rid of Aisha. Aisha was invited to fatal dinner. A hole was dug under the carpet. Aisha fell into the trap. Cement was poured on top of Aisha. Aisha was buried alive. A building was constructed over that hole. No one know grave of Aisha to this day. Muawiya had killed Aisha.

19. Karabla Massacre – Yazid slaughters Prophet’s grandson Husayn in Karbala.

Muawiya reigned for 20 years. When Muawiya died, he left his son Yazid as his successor. Muaqiya warned Yazid to get rid of Husayn. Yazid ordered his governor in Medina to get pledge of allegiance from Husayn. Husayn said he would not accept Yazid. Husayn believed Yazid was an evil tyrant. Husayn left Medina with his family and friends. Husayn had a large caravan of over 120 men women and children. Husayn was moving across the deserts through Arabia and into Iraq and towards the Iranian border. Husayn had decided to go to Sind in India. Yazid ordered his army to chase Husayn. Near Euphrates river Husayn was stopped by Yazid’s army. Soldiers demanded that either Husayn recognise Yazid, or die. Husayn refused to accept Yazid. Husayn said let me leave Yazid’s Empire and allow me to migrate to India. Soldiers refused to let Husayn migrate. Troops stopped water supply to Husayn and his family. Husayn and his band of pious men and women were thirsty. After three days, soldiers called Husayn to come out and fight. Husayn knew he could not take on army of ten thousand men. Husayn fought as much as he could. Eventually Husayn was killed. Husayn died but did not submit to Yazid. Yazid’s army also killed other his sons, nephews, cousins and friends.
Total of 72 followers of Husayn were slaughtered. Martyrs heads were cut off, and placed on spears. Horses were made to run over the mutilated bodies. It was on 10th of Moharram. Women were  taken prisoners and dragged to Yazid. As they walked through the markets of Sham, the people were shocked. Yazid tried to hide the crime from the public. Yazid has told the people that these women were from rebel outlaws. Women were taken to Yazid’s palace where all delegates were sitting. Husayn’s sister Zainab was in the palace. She stood up before the people. Zaynab gave a defiant sermon. She told the people what Yazid has done to holy grandson of the Prophet. Zaynab told them who she was and what kind of person Yazid really was. Yazid tried to silence but he failed. Zaynab had spoken the truth before the world. The word spread like fire. Omeya dynasty was no longer secure. Revolt was imminent against the Evil Empire.

20. Sacking of Medina – Yazid's army loots Medina, kills men and rapes women.

After Karbala, people were shocked that Yazid has brutally murdered the holy family of the Prophet. Zaynab had exposed Yazid. People began to oppose him. Yazid’s empire was under threat. Yazid tried to silence the people through intimidation and murder. Yazid ordered his army to crush the opposition. Medina was sacked. Holy city was centre of revolt. Yazid’s soldiers raped women, killed the men and looted the homes in Medina.

21. Destruction of Kaba – Yazid’s army destroys Kaba the House of God.

After murder of Husayn, his sister Zaynab had revealed the evil of Yazid. People has began to oppose the Omeya rulers. Yazid failed to stop the voices of Husayn and Zaynab from speaking through the hearts of the people. Yazid tried to crush the uprising. He destroyed Medina. Now Yazid’s army moved on the holy city of Mecca. The House of God was besieged. The holy Kaba was destroyed by Yazid’s soldiers. Yazid was following the examples of Umar. Umar had burnt house of Prophet. Now the House of God was set alight. Muslim ummah had fallen to its lowest depth of darkness.

22. Holy Imams Jailed - Omeya and Abbasi leaders imprison holy descendents of the Prophet.

Eventually the Omeyas were overthrown by the people. Abbasi tribes came to power. But after a few years, the Abbasi rulers also began oppressing the family of the holy Prophet. Like Aisha and the Omeyas, the Abbasi were also jealous of the high honour people gave to Prophet’s family. The public loved Prophet’s pious descendents. People saw the Imams as holy guides and the true teachers of Divine Knowledge. Abbasid rulers were jealous of Ali. The Imams of Ali’s lineage were jailed. These pious descendents of the Prophet were persecuted across the Empire.

23. Islam Corrupted - Unauthorised scholars try to alter history and doctrines of Islam.

The holy men were either killed, or failed. The Muslim world now lacked authorised teachers from holy family of the Prophet. Fake scholars assume position as teachers of Islam. They made up things as they saw fit. People were forced to accept. Schools and colleges were given government curriculum which was far from the truth.

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