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Holy Family


Ahl al Bayt


By S. Saclain [2009]

The Holy Family lived from the sixth century to the ninth century. And they consisted of Divine Leaders who succeeded God’s Holy Messenger Mohamed. This Sacred House was chosen by God to lead mankind from darkness into the light. Even fifteen centuries later their light affects the earth and those who live upon her. This is glory and power of God that he has manifested to His creation.

People today believe that the Sacred Family began with Master Nabi Ebraheem. It was made up of some of his descendents. After him God continued it with Master Nabi Mohamed and some of his descendents. These are the Elite of God, chosen to be the Saviours of Humanity.

Shias accept only Nabi Mohamed, his daughter, and the Twelve Holy Imams. They say these are the real members of the Divine Family. These fourteen are perfect human beings. Their lived a life completely free from sin. They are made sinless and enlightened by God. They are appointed as the highest among His creation. But some people ask why did humanity need such a perfect family; why did God create these holy people.

Nabi Mohamed was born in 570. He had taught humanity all that was good and moral. He had given them true knowledge about their Creator, the Almighty God, and he taught them God’s Will for mankind.

Nabi said that God Almighty is the Creator of mankind and their Provider. He alone created the entire Universe and He alone is its Sustainer. He is the sole Originator of all that came to be. He is one God, merciful and compassionate. There is no other God except Him.

If any person looks around, they will see that mankind is always in desperate need of proper guidance. They are lost without the Divine Light. People need guidance and God their Creator gives it to them. He does not like to see men led astray by evil people who pretend to be nice in order to take humanity away from God. God does not want mankind to listen to Satan and his evil followers who are bent on misguiding everyone. Therefore, without God’s guidance, people are utterly lost. They go ahead and chose their own bad leaders. They make up their own laws, which they come to regret later on. Their own selected leaders hurt them, as can be seen wherever it happens. That is why in order to save people from harming themselves; God guides and leads them with His own pious men. These divinely chosen leaders are for entire humanity, and not just for one nation or region.

God loves mankind. He is their Guide and their Guardian. To guide humanity, God sends Nabis and gives them His Message. These Nabis bear God’s Will for mankind. They instruct people in Divine Knowledge and show them how to live their loves in the best way possible. They show people how to be saved from misery and destruction. When the mission of Nabis is over, God chooses His Governors. These men God purifies of all sin and wrong. Humanity now has perfect leaders from God. He is their Creator. His Nabis are His Ambassadors. And His Imams are the Governors, or Leaders. That is how God protects humanity from evil and destruction. Those who believe and obey the Will of God are successful. They attain complete happiness in the heart and live fulfilled lives here on Earth. And after death, they are granted eternal Paradise. They are the friends of God. They are His Believers. In them is no fear and in them is no regret. He loves them and makes them victorious. They are men and women to whom He gives honour. Their Guardian is God Almighty, and His Messenger Nabi Mohamed and His Imams. They love God. They obey all the Nabis, and they follow the Imams as their Leaders. Ali was the first of these Twelve Divine Leaders. The name of God’s elect are: Ali, Hasan, Husayn, Sajaad, Baqir, Sadiq, Kazim, Reza, Taqi, Naqi, Askari, and Mahdi, who will be sent by God at the end of time and rule the Earth. This is the holy family of Master Nabi Mohamed. God bless Nabi, Ali, Fatima the pure family.

Nabi died in 632. But before he left this world, he appointed Ali as his successor. He assembled the people in a large gathering to show them their leader. However, only the believers understood the significance of what God’s Holy Nabi was doing. They were loyal to God, and they remained loyal to Nabi. And after him, they stuck with Ali. The doubters and the hypocrites did not want to understand the words of God. They were materialistic engrossed in gathering wealth and neglecting the spiritual needs of the soul. They did not properly heed Nabi. They neither loved the Divine Message nor the Divine Messenger. Hence, they rejected the Divine Leaders appointed for them. Hence, after Nabi died, they usurped the right of Imam Ali, on whom be eternal peace and blessing of God. They met secretly and chose their own man to govern them.

Ahl al Bayt - The Sacred House

The Almighty referring to the House of Ebraheem said: “God’s Mercy and His Blessing are on you, O people of the house”.

Bayt means a house, tent or a building; and Ahl means people within a house, a clan, or a party. It can mean your wife, children, relatives, friends and so on. In Arabic the word ALL means children and progeny of a person.

The Sacred House started when God chose Master Ebraheem and his descendents. And it continues with Master Mohamed and his holy lineage. This is the Pious Family that God loves. The descendents of Master Mohamed are also called Alay Mohamed. People today send greetings upon this House. In every prayer, men and women, old and young, say: “God Bless Mohamed and his family as He Blessed Ebraheem and his family.” The bloodline of both Masters was believed to be sanctified by God. It is known as Ahl Al Bayt, Holy People of the House.

Nabi Mohamed had used the term "Ahl al Bayt" to mean special members of his family, namely his daughter, her husband, and their two sons. Nabi and these four together are often called the Holy Five. Therefore, when Shias believers use the word Ahl al Bayt, they refer to Nabi Mohamed, the Holy Lady Al Zahra, Ali, Al Hasan, and Al Husayn, on them all be God’s peace and blessings, light and bounty.

Some books quote Nabi praying for Ali and for Fatima. Historians write that Nabi often asked for God’s blessing upon them. They record that even before Ali married Fatima, Nabi prayed God keep safe and protected against all impurities. He also used to warn the people not to hurt his pious family, ‘I am a friend of whoever is their friend, and an enemy to those who are their enemy’.

God Almighty had chosen Nabi and him He raised high. His family was also elevated above all the people to a status most holy and pure. In the divine book it is written that God chose five people to make a model family.

“God wishes nothing but to keep dirt away from you, O people of the house, and to purify you with a full purification.”

This verse is very famous among the Shias. It is known as Aiat Tataheer [Purity Verse]. In ancient books it is written that Nabi identified those for whom God had revealed the verse of purity:

”Omme Salma, the wife of Nabi Mohamed, says the verse of Purity was revealed in my house. At that time, Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husayn were in her house. Nabi placed his cloak over them and said, ‘these are the members of my household, God has purified them’." [from Historian Soyoti]

Nabi placed his chader over his beloved kin and then prayed for them. Shia believers say that the Ahl al Bayt in this verse does not include wives of Nabi Mohamed. God Himself excluded the wives. A disciple of Nabi called Zaid also thought that the wives are not regarded as the Pure members of his holy house. The reason being that a wife only lives there in the house with her husband for a while and if she gets divorced, she heads back to her parents. It is said that this verse came down only for the five holy people who were under the scared black cloak of Nabi Mohamed. This event is known as the Hadith-e-Kisa, [ Incident of the Cloak ].

Other books mention similar traditions about the chader over the holy family.

“Omme Salma said Nabi was eating a meal in my house. When Fatima came in, he told her to call her husband and her two sons. Hence Ali, Hasan and Husayn came and all sat down to eat with him. Then angel Gabriel from heaven and said ‘God wishes nothing but to keep uncleanness away from you, O people of the house, and to purify you with a full purification.’ Nabi covered them with his cloak and raised his hands towards the sky and said, ‘O God, these are my Ahl al Bayt, so keep them pure from all uncleanness'. I asked my husband whether I was included among you. He said, ‘You are on good and piety’.” [Historian Ibn Hanbal]

By gathering four people under his chador, Nabi had shown who the special family was. They were Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husayn. He sat them under his chader and said: "These are the members of my household, and God has purified them against every error and sin."

To many people the verse of purity is an evidence of the sinlessness and infallibility of the Nabi Mohamed’s family. God had decreed that they be completely free of sin. Shia believers refuse to accept any wife of Nabi among the Pure Family. They believe that during the life of Nabi, only the High Five were Infallible and Sinless. They say that no wife of Nabi was immaculate. His wives did not reach the status held by Fatima, Ali, Hasan and Husayn. The wives may have been part of the ordinary house, but they were not part of Nabi’s inner circle, an exclusive club the Pure People of the Household.

The Cloaked Ones

Tradition of the holy family gathered under the cloak of God’s messenger Nabi Mohamed is well known among the people. Some historians write that the two Holy Angels Gabriel and Michael also went into the Sacred Cloak on that day. They also wanted to be among Nabi’s special beloveds. Angels are created of Light. When they came down from heavens, the house of Omme Salma was full of immense brightness. It was light upon light. Her home was filled with colours of the divine rainbow.

Lady Omme Salma loved Nabi and she loved those whom he loved. She honoured everyone whom her husband honoured. Today, she was witnessing a highly unusual event. Angels of the Lord were in her home. Right before her eyes, God’s most beloved personalities were gathering. This was something very special. There was so much Divine Energy in her house. She was a highly intelligent and wise lady. She could feel the Sacred Force flow through her. She could control herself no longer. She wished to be part of this scene of brilliance. Omme Salma felt she had to speak. Therefore, she asked Nabi what is going on. What was this Spectacle of Light she was beholding. She asked whether she might join in. She waited for any sign from her master. And as soon as Nabi said to his beloved wife that she was also on the side of good, this was enough of a signal for her. Bless her, she rushed into the cloak.

From this account, some ancient historians, therefore, include Omme Salma among the Pure Family. They write that Nabi allowed her to sit with Fatima under his cloak.

“Omme Salma once said, may God curse the Iraqis who deceived Husayn, may God destroy the Iraqis who killed Husayn. I had seen Nabi cover Husayn, and Fatima, and Hasan and Ali, all under his cloak. Ali sat on his right and Fatima on his left. Nabi held one corner of his cloak with his left hand and raised his right hand to the sky asking the Almighty, ‘O God, keep them clean of every sin; O God this is my Family; keep them pure of every wrong; O God, you yourself cleanse them for they are my household.’ I asked, O Master, am I also one of your household? He said, ‘You too can come under the chader.’ And, I went into his cloak; but this was only after he had ended his prayer for his cousin, his two sons, and for Fatima, peace be upon them.” [from Historian Tabari]

Shias say Nabi allowed her to come under the cloak, but he did so only after he had specified his Household by saying, ‘O God this is my Family.’ Initially, Nabi did not invite his wife her as he had invited the others. Lady Omme Salma simply cloak-crashed. Bless her, she just loved to be in the scene of light unfolding before her. Omme Salma was a good woman, pious and honourable. She was loyal to the end towards God and towards her husband, the messenger of God.

Now, another wife of Nabi was Aisha, the daughter of Abu Bakr, the first ruler of the people selected immediately after Nabi died. Unlike Omme Salma, Aisha did not like Ali and Fatima very much. Nevertheless, she too admits that the verse of purity refers to them and their children.

"Aisha said Nabi one morning left the house wearing a black cloak. Later on, Hasan came and Nabi covered him with his cloak, then came Fatima and Husayn and Ali; and they too were cloaked by Nabi, who then read the verse, ‘God only desires to keep away uncleanness from you, O people of the house, and to purify you with a proper purification’. " [from Historians Zamakshari and Razi ]

Shias believe that God is saying that He had decreed to purify to perfection the family of His holy messenger Mohamed. He willed it that they be protected against every sin and error. This family is the House of Cloaked Perfection. Nabi’s chader covered them from every evil. They are the Veiled Lights of God. People who can recognise them are part of God’s family and they receive honour and success in this world and in the next.

Historians account of Nabi Cloaking the Family is very significant in terms of belief. It becomes part of Eman [faith] of any believer to view Hasan, Husayn, Fatima and Ali as equal to Nabi in their purity and infallibility. Like the Master himself, they too would be without any stain. Therefore, the doctrine is that these members his family are of the same high position of sinlessness and immaculation as held by Nabi. The Five are one in receiving God’s sanctifying grace. They are equally preserved from sin. They deserve our utmost respect and reverence because they are at all times pure. They are free from every stain of sin at every moment. God desires for you O Fatima, O Nabi O Ali, O Hasan O Husayn. His wish is that comes near you no stain, to keep you pure, and in His domain. God loves the house of Nabi Mohamed. They are Holy and Fine. The Five are Desire of the Divine. He created them especially for His Divine Love. And He grants salvation to those who recognise His chosen ones and then remain loyal to them.

Some ancient books mention that God said that entire world and everything in it is indebted to these five pure personalities. In fact, some books state that the Universe was created for their sake. The Five were God’s very first creation. He made them for Himself and everything else was made for them. Historians record many reports in this regard.

All followers of Nabi, therefore, acknowledge the holiness of his House. Historians say that Nabi had indeed gathered the four of his nearest family members under his black chader. It is written in some books that even before his grandsons were born, Nabi used to recite the purity verse on the house of Ali and Fatima as he passed their residence. He prayed to God to give them holy sons.

One disciple Abu Saeed Khudri says that after the marriage of Fatima with Ali, the holy Nabi used to stand outside their home and pray for them.

"Every morning for eight months, Nabi went to the house of Ali and recited, ‘God only wishes to keep all stains away from you O people of the house, and purify you to a purification’." [From Historian Soyoti]

Another historian records that Nabi began this standing prayer outside the house of Ali and Fatima about five weeks after their marriage.

"From the fortieth day after marriage of Ali and Fatima, every morning Nabi went to their house and said: ‘Peace be upon you, O my Family, and Mercy and Blessings of God. I will oppose whoever opposes you and I will be happy with whoever accepts you. God wishes nothing but to cleanse you from all evil and to purify you thoroughly’."

Another disciple, Ibn Abbas tells us that Nabi continued praying every morning outside the home of Ali and Fatima for nine months. After his grandsons were born, Nabi’s family was now complete. God ordered him to clearly identify them and show the status that God had granted them. Hence, Nabi called his daughter, her husband and their sons to his home where Omme Salma lived and placed his sacred cloak upon them.

Religious jurist Shafee in ninth century used to love the people of the cloak so much that anti-Ali authorities accused him of blasphemy. But Shafee did not mind such critics. He used to say: ‘If love for the Pure Family is heresy, then bear witness O world that I am a heretic.’

Nabi loved these four holy and pure members of his family. They were his nearest and dearest. God asked Nabi to make their love mandatory upon the world. They should be revered and sanctified. God commanded Nabi to tell his Sahabas that if they love God and His Messenger then they must also love these four perfect Cloaked Saints.

“Tell them: I do not ask for any compensation from you except that you love those nearest to me.” [chapter 42:23]

One disciple, Ibn Abbas, said that when God commanded the people to love Nabi’s closest relatives, the Sahabas went to him and asked, ‘O Nabi, who are your nearest to be loved?’ He said, ‘Ali, Fatima and their sons’.” [Historian Zamakshari]

Nabi Mohamed’s reply excludes everyone else who might have assumed to among the chosen family. His answer to the Sahabas makes it clear that the verse of reward refers to only Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn. Only their love is required on the order of God. Only they are the members of the Pure Family. Only they and none other are the chosen ones of God. Whoever loves them and stays with them is under God’s protection. Love for Holy Five us essential for salvation. Loving them is the only way for humanity to succeed and be saved from destruction.

There are other verses in the book of God that refer to Ali and his descendents. Nabi himself also often lauded the Stainless Family. Ancient books report how Nabi expressed his love and praise for his holy family. Nabi used to say that his daughter is most beloved of God in His creation, ‘O Fatima, God Almighty is happy when you are happy and He is angry when you are upset.’ Nabi told the people about the status of his daughter, ‘Fatima part of my body. Whoever hurts her hurts me.’ He said, ‘Fatima is the highest among women of this world and the next world.’ He also said, ‘Fatima and her mother are greatest ladies of humanity’.

Historians give many accounts of how God showed His love for the Holy Family. Ancient books tell us that some Sahabas proposed to marry Fatima al Zahra. When she grew up, Abu Bakr and Omar wanted to marry her. Both had given their daughters to Nabi in marriage. Now they were pinning their hopes on his daughter. But Nabi declined their request saying, ‘I am awaiting God’s decision’. However, when Ali asked for Fatima’s hand, Nabi placed Fatima in hand of Ali. The blessed lady was given by Nabi to Ali. People asked and Nabi said, ‘God wished that Fatima be married to Ali.’ God saw that no one else besides Ali was good enough for Al Zahra. Historians tell us that Fatima’s wedding was planned in the heavens and conducted here on Earth. God chose her husband Ali for her. The choice was Divine. From on High was planned the Family of Five. It was the most natural selection ever. The books say that this was an arranged marriage by Divine Will. It was decreed that the Lady of Light was to wed the Lion of God.

Nabi used to call Ali my brother, my helper, and my soul. He said, ‘Ali is my brother in this world and the next.’ He told his Sahabas that Ali was originally made from light, ‘I and Ali were created from one Light.’ He said Ali and I are one and same. ‘Ali is from me and I am from Ali.’ Even at a young age Ali had impressive qualities . His courage, wisdom and loyalty were unequalled. Historians tell us that at age fourteen, this young Ali was made executor of Nabi. God does not play dice. For enemies He left nothing to win. Commentators and historians say that God has made obedience to Nabi and Ali an obligatory act on all the people who inhabit God’s Earth. They write that Nabi declared Ali the new Aaron. Aaron is Haroon. Bible tells us that Master Haroon was the brother of Master Musa. God bless them both. And Nabi Mohamed said, ‘Ali is to me as Haroon was to Musa.’ Nabi even spoke of Ali as being Noah’s Ark. Hence, developing love for the impeccable bloodline of Nabi Mohamed is one of the basic commandments from God.

THE NEW ARK - Safina tul Najat [ Ship of Safety ]

Nabi Mohamed compared his Pure Family to the ship of Nuh [Noah].

Nuh had built an enormous Ark under the instructions of God. This Holy Boat called Safina was to save mankind from the flood that was about to engulf the region. Nuh called upon his people to get on board the Divine Ship if they wished to be saved. He warned them on the impending doom. Those who believed God’s holy messenger Nuh and boarded the Sacred Safina were saved. Those who mocked him and left the Holy Ship were drowned.

Centuries later, God built another Holy Ark to save the world. He asked Nabi to announce the new saviours of the people. Nabi Mohamed told the people that his Family is like the Safina of Nuh, whoever loves them is saved and whoever rejects them is destroyed. God will not protect anyone who violates their sanctity. Therefore, Ali is the New Ark – Holy Family the Divine Ship. Fatima, Ali, Hasan and Husayn are the Safina - The Ship of Salvation Created by God Himself.

Jurist Shafee said, ‘When I saw people in an ocean of ignorance and error, I boarded the Safina in the name of God. This Safina is the Sacred House of Nabi.’ He also said, ‘O holy family, your glory if enough that God does not accept prayers until you are blessed. Your love is mandatory.’ People believe that God does not grant prayers of seekers who do not bless the Pure Family. Lady Omme Salma tells us that Nabi Mohamed used to compare Ali with Jesus. Ali is the new Esa. Ali is Ship of Nu. The followers of Ali are the real successful ones. They were given good news of eternal life of happiness. ‘O Ali, you and your followers will live forever in Paradise.’ Of all the Lord’s creation, Ali and his lovers are the highest beings. ‘O Ali, you and your Shias are best of created things.’ Son of Abu Talib is like son of Mary. ‘O Ali, you are like Esa son of Meryam.’ Nabi said, ‘O Ali, you and your followers are best creation of God; and on Judgement Day you are those who love you will be successful.’[Historian Abu Naeem]

Shias believe that he who has seen Ali has seen the real God. Ali is best Sign of God on Earth. Ali is God’s Proof. From simply seeing the creation, one can know the creator. Similarly, by knowing the honourable and sinless Imam, a person can know the Perfect God. Without knowing Ali, no person can truly know God. Ali himself said that 'God cannot be seen by the two eyes. He is seen by the heart through the light of true belief.' And his son Husayn said, 'To know God means to know the Imam of your time.' Therefore, to recognise the true Imam is the greatest form of knowledge and worship of the true God. Imams themselves said, ‘It is through us that God can be known and served.' Hence, the holy Imams are the means to knowing God, and they are means of reaching Him. To love them is to win God's favour. They are like Noah’s Ark that saved people from the flood.

"Nabi Mohamed said: ‘My Pure Family is like Safina-e-Nuh. Whoever gets on it is saved and whoever deserts it is drowned’." [Historian Hakim]

"Nabi said: We are the Ark of Salvation. Whoever holds fast to this Ark will reach salvation and whoever abandons it will be destroyed. Whoever wants God to grant him something, they should resort to the Pure Family."

Shias, therefore, believe that after Nabi left this Earth, it was Ali who was God’s Saviour for Humanity. They also say that the Pure Family were created before the creation of Adam and before the Universe.

"Adam saw five figures bowing to God, and so he inquired about them. God said, ‘These are five of your offspring. I have named them after Me. I am Mamood so this Mohamed. I am Ala so this is Ali. I am Fatir so this is Fatima, I am Ehsan so this is Hasan, and I am Mohsin so this is Husain. If it were not for them, I would have not created you. If it were not for them, I would have not created Heaven and Hell, nor Earths or the Galaxies, nor the Angels, nor Humans, nor Jinns. I swear by My Glory, whoever bears even an atom's weight of grudge against them, I will throw him in the Fire of Hell. O Adam! I have chosen them. It is for their their sake that I will protect some people and destroy others. If you want anything from Me, then go to these Five’."

God had made the holy family is a source of guidance and security for the people on Earth.

"Nabi Mohamed said, ‘The stars are a refuge for inhabitants in the sky. When stars die out, the people of the skies are destroyed. My holy family are a source of refuge for people of the Earth. When they die, humanity will be no more’."

Therefore, this was the Pure Family, clean and pure, the divinely chosen leaders and the best role models for humanity. Nabi himself was the head of this Sacred Household. And after Nabi its Ali.

This was God’s mercy and bounty to mankind. He had given them best of the best. Now it was up to them to accept them or betray them. God does not force any person to believe. He gives choice between truth and falsehood, between error and guidance. He asked Nabi to leave behind for humanity the Holy Book of God and Ali as the New Ark of Salvation. Ali was the Captain of the Ship. Nabi named him Ameer al Momineen, the Captain of the Believers. But his enemies stole this title and used it for themselves and for every thug, thief and tyrant. They rejected the Divine Ark and met secretly to elected their own captains one after the other. Nabi’s daughter Fatima was also denied her rights. She was greatly grieved. She went and asked for her father’s inheritance, especially his property of the garden of Fadak. But they rejected her claim saying that she is making things up. Nabi Mohamed died in June 632. As his holy body lay in his house, the people gathered in Safiqa for a power grab.

Before his death, the holy Nabi had clearly appointed Ali as his successor. He told the people to love him and obey him. That he was their leader chosen by God after him.

After twenty three years of mission, Nabi Mohamed called upon his people to accept God’s chosen leader, an Imam, to be his successor and executive for them. A man who would rule over them, and guide them and protect them. Nabi appointed him towards the end of his life during his last Haj. The books of history contain evidence of this.

God, Ali and Khum-e-Ghadir

God is the Creator of mankind. And Master Mohamed is His messenger. He said he was sent to guide humanity. He told people about one true God, about His Worship, and about God’s Will on Earth.

Towards the end of his life, Nabi Mohamed told the people that God had now chosen for you a leader after me. Nabi left for the people his family as role models - for women, his daughter Fatima; and for men, Ali as a guide and ruler. He warned his people that if do not follow God’s chosen ones, they will certainly go astray; they will be destroyed.

God told His Nabi that his soul would soon be taken and he would have to leave Earth. Therefore, it was time to unveil the Light. God asked His Nabi to deliver Ali to mankind. It was A.D. 632.

This is how the Messenger of God designated the Imam from God. These are the last few weeks of his life.

Ancients books of history contain a lot of information regarding this issue. Here are some selections from old books and what is written in them.

The Farewell Pilgrimage.

When time came for Nabi to leave this world, he ordered his believers to call all the tribes of Arabia scattered in different places to come and join him in his last Haj. They all came in greats multitudes. On this sacred journey Nabi Mohamed taught the people how to properly perform the pilgrimage in the way that pleases God. A large number of people came with Nabi and others joined him at Maka. Over seventy thousand people were gathered to do the Haj. Some historians say that there were one hundred and twenty four thousand people on that Haj, the same as the number of messengers God had sent to humanity.

Here, God’s Holy Angel Gabriel came down from the sky to tell Nabi that this is the time when God wants you reveal Ali’s Divine Status to the people. Nabi was told that he would not be with them next year because God will take your soul and call you to Himself. Divine religion would be incomplete and people would remain unguided if they had no leader from God to protect them against enemies of truth and justice. Failure to leave a Divine Successor would ruin the entire mission of God and destroy all the hard work done for the past ten thousand years. Struggle of all Nabis would fail if the people had no infallible guide to save them.

Hence, God says in His Sacred Book:

"O Messenger! Deliver what is revealed to you from your Lord; and if you don't, then you would have not delivered His message (at all). God will protect you from the (evil) people." (chapter 5:67)

Therefore, in accordance with this instruction, Nabi prepared to deliver Ali to the people. But before he could appoint for them their true protector, he first carried out the final rituals of his last Haj.

Initially, Nabi was anxious about enemy plots against Ali; but now God had guaranteed to foil any schemes against Nabi’s brother Ali. God would safeguard Ali against any harm. Nabi’s worry was no more. For Nabi, God made Ali safe. Nabi ended the Haj and left Maka. He halted at a cross roads of Ghadir Khum from where travellers from different provinces used to bid farewells before heading home. It was 18 of Zolheja. According to Christians calendar, March 632 A.D.

At this place, Nabi decided to appoint his executive and successor for humanity. Ghadir was a very hot and dry place. Sun was baking the sand. Nabi nevertheless asked Salman to make him a mimbar. This pulpit was constructed using rocks and saddles from horses and camels. He then gave a long speech, some three hours long. In this speech, Nabi appointed Ali as his successor. Nabi said master is Ali to all those who believed in God and His Messenger.

"At Ghadir Nabi asked the Sahabas, ‘Do I not have more right over you than you have yourself?’ They said, ‘Indeed you do.’ Then Nabi held up Ali’s hand and said, ‘I am Mowla to whom this Ali is Mowla. I am Mowla to whom Ali is Mowla. I am Mowla to whom Ali is Mowla. O Almighty God, love those who love him and hate those who dislike him; help those who help him and leave those who leave him; and turn the truth to where turns Ali ’."

In other words, Nabi is saying that if you had accepted me as your mowla, then you will take Ali as your mowla. The word Mowla in means ‘Master, Protector’. These were the significant parts of the speech.

Many hypocrites who pretended to be followers of Nabi Mohamed had infiltrated his circles and deceived many people. For Ali they hated Nabi. For Nabi they hated God. They had no love for God. They had no respect for Nabi. They did not like Ali to be heir of Nabi. Even decades later in late seventh and early centuries, historians tried to hide the event of Ghadir. Some reporters were always engaged in trying to lower Ali’s divine status. They made up false and absurd stories about Ali’s rivals and attributed them to Nabi. These paid servants of the tyrants who ruled Damishk and Baghdad fabricated all sorts of falsehood against Nabi and his holy family. They even made up lies against God Almighty. It is believed that Angels call on God’s curses upon enemies of the pure family of Nabi. However, not all people fell into the trap of the enemies of God. Historians record the crucial words uttered by Nabi: ‘I am Mowla to whom Ali is Mowla.’

“mankunto mowlahu fa Ali yun mowlahu”

[ ‘I am protector of him whose protector is this Ali’ ]

Nabi Mohamed also prayed for the new Leader of the Believers, ‘O Lord, love those who love him and hate those who dislike him. Help those who help him and abandon those who abandon him; and make the truth turn to where Ali turns.’

Nabi then spent two more hours taking oath of allegiance from pilgrims for Ali. He asked Sahabas to shake Ali’s hands. He ordered the people to make the pledge of loyalty to their new leader. He told his companions them that after him, God had chosen Ali as their guardian, and made him the highest authority.

Omar, who did not use to like Ali very much, congratulated him nevertheless, albeit reluctantly, “O son of Abu Talib, today you have become the leader of all men and women that believe.” Thus ended the speech of Nabi Mohamed; and that was how he followed God’s order and designated Ali as Mowla-e-Kainat, Master of the Universe.

While the people were lining up to swear oaths of allegiance to Ali, one of the disciples and a poet of Nabi Mohamed, asked permission to say a few lines in Ali’s honour. Nabi replied, with God blessings say them O Hassan.

Hassan bin Sabit stood up and said, O tribesmen I follow what Nabi ordered because he spoke for God:

"Their Nabi shows them on the day of Ghadir
In this Pond calls the Messenger so do heed
He said who are then your Vali and your Mowla
Not in blindness they said God and you our leader
Among us is none who to you is traitor
Im happy he said so stand O Ali
I make thee after me Imam and Hadi
Tis is Mowla to whom I am Mowla
In real be ye with him his supporter
Lord love his friend and Thou be Hadi
And be Thou enemy to enemy of Ali"

Believers had no doubts about significance of this day. They said that here is Nabi showing to the people God’s appointed successor, the master who would be the only legitimate leader on Earth. It is the day on which by name Nabi designated Ali as his executive.

On the day of Ghadir, 18 of Zolheja, Master Mohamed finished his sermon. The Holy Angel Gabriel then came down from the heavens with this verse from God:

"Today, I have perfected your religion and completed My favour upon you. I have chosen Peace as your Way." (chapter 5:3)

This verse clearly shows that the Path of Peace was completed only after the Master appointed his successor Ali. Shias believe that Ali’s Coronation Perfected the Natural Peace – the Divine Way – the True Religion of God.

All followers of truth accept the event of Ghadir. They acknowledge that Nabi spoke about his two great legacies he left behind – Sacred Book and the Holy Family.

The Holy Saying of Master Mohamed about his family and the Divine Book is known as Hadith al Thaqalayn - [Tradition of the Two Major Legacies] - It refers to holy saying about the Two Heavy Weights, the important things that he was to leave behind for the world.

Hadith al Thaqalayn:

Saying of Nabi about the Two Weights (Thaqalayn)

"Nabi Mohamed said: ‘It seems the time has come when I will leave you. I am leaving behind for you Two Precious Things. If you hold on to both of them you will never go astray. They are the Book of God and the Holy Family, my Descendents. These two will not separate from each other until they come to me at the Fountain of Koser in Paradise’."

Historians say that one disciple Zaid bin Arkam was there at Ghadir:

"Zaid bin Arkam who was at Ghadir said the messenger of God on whom be peace and blessings addressed us near a pond called Khum. He glorified God and reminded us of our obligations saying ‘O people, I am only a human being and I am about to respond to the call of my Lord and go to Him. I am leaving behind Two Heavy Weights for you. One is the Book of God containing light and guidance. Hold on to it. And the second is my family. I remind you of God about my family; I remind you of God about my family; I remind you of God about my family’." [From the book Jami al Sahih]

In another book, Zaid reports the same thing:

"Zaid bin Arkam said that while returning from his last Haj, the messenger of God on whom be peace and blessings, came down at Ghadir Khum and gathered us near big trees and said, ‘I am about to answer the call (of death). I have left behind Two Precious things for you, the Book of God and my lineage. So watch out how you treat these two after me, because they will not separate from each other until they come back to me by the side of the Koser fountain in heaven. Truly, God Almighty is my master, and I am the master of every believer, and this [Ali] is the master of him to whom I am master. O Lord, love those who love him and be the enemy of his enemies’." [From the book Mustadrak by Hakim]

Another disciple Jabir tell us the same thing:

"Jabir bin Abdullah said during the Haj on the day of Arafat I saw Nabi on whom be peace and blessings. He was sitting on his camel called Kaswa giving a speech saying: 'O people, I am leaving for you the holy book and my family, if you hold fast to them you shall never go astray’." [from the book Sunan al Tirmidhi]

Old books tell us that Nabi spoke about these two significant things at four places. He told people about them at Arafat; and he also repeated this saying at Ghadir, and also in his Holy Masjid at Medina, and again for the final time on his deathbed during his last illness. Nabi kept making the point because people were simply not getting the message. Some of them were claiming that God’s Book was enough for guidance. Therefore, Nabi wanted to put his Will into writing but some people prevented him from doing so. I have not included here all the traditions from various different books regarding this issue. It is too upsetting to talk about the holy messenger of God being hurt while he was dying.

Haris who was an enemy of Ali, mocked Master Nabi Mohamed and Master Ali. He dared them to call on God’s wrath so to prove that they are not lying:

“After Ghadir where Nabi had said ‘Ali is master of those who take me as master’, the news spread all over Arabia. Haris rushed to Medina and said to Nabi, ‘You asked us to obey you and accept one God. We did that. You ordered us to pray like you and we did. You told us to fast in Ramadan and we did. You told us to do Haj and we went on Haj. But that were not enough. You were still not happy. Now you have installed your cousin over us. Was this also from God or your own whim!’ Nabi said to him, ‘It was from Almighty God.’ Haris was angry and in fury stormed out yelling ‘If Mohamed is right then may the heaven punish us!’ He had not yet reached his camel when a stone from sky struck on his head and went out from his other end. He died on the spot. God said: ‘A questioner questioned about the doom about to fall on the infidel which no one can divert. It is from God, the Lord of the Stairways to Heaven’.” [70:2]

Therefore, God’s holy messenger, Master Mohamed left Imam Ali and his family as guides and leaders for mankind. People rejected them and elected their own leaders. Today, centuries later, people are still yet to recognise the true status and greatness of Imam Ali.

The End.


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