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Three Shocking Events

Three shocking incidents occurred immediately before, and after, the death of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his family.

(1) The Pen and Paper incident in which Prophet was not allowed to write his will.
(2) Prophet’s body deserted. Sahabas rushed to grab power.
(3) Prophet’s inheritance denied to his daughter. Rulers confiscates properties.

Brief explanations:

After completing the Farewell Hajj, the Holy Prophet stopped at Ghadir-e-Khumm. All the caravans were called back to Ghadir. Ali The Holy Prophet appointed Ali as his Successor. The Sahabas then congratulated Ali on becoming the Leader of the Ummah.

The Holy Prophet said: “If I am your Mola then Ali is your Mola.

1. The Pen and Paper incident. Umar refused to let Prophet write his will.

After the Ghadir sermon, Prophet Muhammad returned to Medina. He suddenly fell ill. Some reports suggest the Holy Prophet was poisoned. As Prophet was lying on his death bed, he ordered Sahabas to bring him pen and paper. Prophet wanted to write something important. But some Sahabas, including Umar, refused to obey the Prophet. They also prevented others from bringing the pen and paper. Prophet became angry. He died four days later.

2. Abu Bakr left Prophet’s body and went to Saqifa for Caliphate.

A few Sahabas including, Abu Bakr and Umar, left the holy body of the Prophet. They rushed to a hall called Saqifa. In Saqifa, Abu Bakr was selected as the new Calipha. Ali did not go to Saqifa. He was busy with the funeral of the Holy Prophet. While Ali was washing the body of the holy Prophet, the Sahabas were taking control of power. However, there was no complete agreement about Abu Bakr’s Caliphate. Some Sahabas refused to accept Abu Bakr as the new leader.

3. Fatima was not given Prophet’s inheritance. Abu Bakr rejected Fatima.

When Abu Bakr gained power, he took over all of Prophet’s properties.

Fatima Al Zahra was the pious daughter of the Holy Prophet. The Holy Lady Fatima demanded that Abu Bakr return the inheritances of her father. Abu Bakr refused to give back anything to Fatima. Garden of Fadak was denied to her. Fatima became angry with Abu Bakr for confiscating Prophet's property. She did not speak to him ever again. She died 3 months later. Fatima asked her husband Ali to bury her at night because she did not want Abu Bakr to attend her funeral. Ali buried Prophet’s daughter at night. Ali did not fight Abu Bakr, but remained patient, as the Prophet had instructed him.

The public is not told the truth about shocking events of muslim history. Facts are kept hidden from ordinary people. Sincere seekers of truth need to find out what really happened. The fact is that God's Holy Messenger died angry and in pain. Prophet’s appointed successor Ali was rejected. Prophet's daughter was denied her rights. Fatima died angry with Abu Bakr.

What did Prophet say about Fatima and Ali:

"God is pleased when Fatima is pleased. He is angry when she is angry."

“Fatima is the Leader of Women of Paradise.”

Fatima is part of me. Whoever hurts her hurts me.”

“O Ali, only a believer will love you and only a hypocrite will dislike you.”

“O Ali, you are to me as Haroon was to Musa.”

“I leave behind for you two great things, the Book of God and my Family.”

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