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Troubles Chronology



Chronology of Events

Prophet is born in Mecca, in 570 CE.
Prophet’s cousin Ali is born inside the Kaba in 600 CE.
Prophet receives God’s Book Quran from Angel Gabriel.
Prophet begins preaching about One God and Day of Judgement
Prophet is protected by Ali’s father Abu Talib.
Prophet names Ali as his deputy and future successor.
Prophet converts many people to Islam.
Prophet is persecuted by pagans.
Prophet leaves Mecca and migrates to Medina in 622 CE.
Prophet establishes Islamic State in Medina.
Prophet is attacked in 5 wars launched by Meccan leaders.
Prophet defends Medina against Meccans attacks.
Prophet is aided by Ali in every war.
Prophet is also helped by very loyal disciples.
Prophet performs Haj, in March 632 CE.
Prophet declares his daughter leader of all women.
Prophet appoints Ali as his successor at Ghadir.
Prophet’s disciples, sahabas, hate Ali.
Prophet’s wife is envious of Ali and Fatima.
Prophet’s wife is threatened with divorce in Quran.
Prophet is betrayed by some Disciples, Sahabas.
Prophet is disobeyed by disciples.
Prophet is poisoned by his wives.
Prophet during illness wants to write a will.
Prophet is prevented by disciples from writing a will.
Prophet tells Ali to be patient in upcoming troubles.
Prophet dies a few days later, in June 632 CE.
Prophet’s funeral is prepared by Ali.
Prophet’s body is deserted by disciples in struggle for power.
Prophet’s succession is taken over by Abu Bakr.
Prophet’s daughter Fatima asks Abu Bakr for her inheritance.
Prophet's daughter is denied her rightful inheritance.
Prophet’s daughter is attacked in her own home.
Prophet’s daughter Fatima dies of her injuries.
Prophet’s successor Ali is tied up with ropes.
Prophet’s grandson Husayn is slaughtered, in 680 CE.
Prophet’s granddaughter Zainab is dragged unveiled through streets.
Prophet’s teachings are corrupted by government paid scholars.

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