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The Pure Five



Al Olonzo [2011]


1. Holy Rasul Mohammed
2. Holy Lady Fatima
3. Holy Imam Ali
4. Holy Imam Hasan
5. Holy Imam Husain

God’s bless them and place His eternal peace upon them.


Prophet, Fatima, Ali, Hasan and Husain are the five pure beings sent to earth by God to guide seekers of truth to their Lord.

Mohammed was messenger bearing divine code of life for humanity. Fatima was his daughter who provides perfect role model for all females. Ali was warrior super hero and loyal supporter who protected the Prophet and his daughter while they were alive on this earth. He also taught mankind the essence of Prophet’s teachings. Hasan was centre of peace and harmony and kept people away from bloodshed. Husain made the supreme sacrifice in the cause of God in order to save mankind from tyranny and oppression. Today we are free because of Husain.

Here is brief tale of the Holy Five:

# 1. Holy Rasul Mohammed.

Holy Messenger was born in 570 in Mecca and died in 632 in Medina.

When he was 25 he married a business women Kadeja. They had a wonderful and loving marriage. They had a Kasim, but died in infancy. Mohammad is often known as Abu al Kasim – Father of Kasim. Kadeja and Mohammed were patient and hoped in God alone. God was pleased with their faith, and so blessed them with holy Fatima.

When God ordered His Prophet Mohammed to begin preaching, the people of Mecca opposed him accept a few. He was forced out of his town sought refuge in Medina. After ten years of struggle he came back to Mecca. He decided not to punish the pagans for their past wrongs. They converted to his message in large numbers.

This is how the story began of Prophet Mohammed’s Divine Mission.

In the year 610, when Prophet was 40, he went to cave Hira on mount Sur near Mecca. There angel Gabrial came and told him what God wanted him to do. God also sent first verses of the Quran, the Divine Book which is preserved in the Heavenly Tablet.

Chapter began thus: “In the Name of God, the Kind the Merciful. Read in the Name of your lord…”

First Converts: Abu Talib and his wife Fatima binte Asad, Kadeja, Salman, Abu Zar, Amar, Hamza, Abu Bakr.

First enemies: Abu Sufyan, Maweya, Abu Lahab, Abu Jahel, Waleed, Otba, Omeya, Umar, Khalid.

Prophet invited his clansmen to dinner to invite them to one true God and offer them eternal life in paradise. He also told them that if they reject his message then a terrible fate lies for them after death. But they did not believe his message. Instead they mocked him and rejected his offer. Only Ali and his father believe in the Holy Messenger and were saved.

Ibn Jareer al Tabari writes in his book of history that Prophet invited his own clan to help him and on that meeting he appointed Ali as his deputy and heir. That meeting was held on the order of God to give warn his own lose tribe of the impending doom that awaits them in the hereafter.

God commanded the Prophet in the Holy Quran: wa anthir ashiratakal akrabin [‘Warn your near relations’]

Abu Talib allowed the Prophet to use his home to make the divine call. Ali arranged the meal. Prophet’s clansmen came all 40 of them. They enjoyed the food. Prophet announced to them his mission. He said I am the divine messenger sent to you by God Almighty. He has chosen me to guide humanity towards God and towards perfect morals. Prophet warned that there is life after death. All human beings will be raised from their graves to and held to account for the deeds. There will be a terrible day of judgment. All the dead will be brought back to life. They will be judged. Men and women who believed in one true God and lived a good moral life, they would be sent to live forever in paradise. People who rejected their Creator, and who were evil and committed wrong acts in their lives, they would be severely punished. They will be thrown in the fire of hell to abide there forever. It was up to people to prepare themselves to face their Lord on that Day. Prophet said he was sent as a guide to purify people and teach them the book of God. Prophet invited his clan to support him in this holy mission and stand by him. He offered them Paradise. He said that whoever is first to believe in him, he would make him his deputy and heir. No one spoke in support of Prophet except Ali. Prophet asked Ali to sit down and give elders a chance. Again no man accepted the words of the Prophet except Ali. The little boy again stood up and said, I will be your supporter and defender O Messenger of God. Prophet then called Ali to come closer. Prophet put his hands on Ali’s shoulder and said: This is my brother, my inheritor, my heir and successor; listen to him and obey him. Prophet’s kinsmen burst out laughing. They mocked Abu Talib. They said did you hear that, you are told to obey your own son. At that time Ali was only 14 years of age.

Most good books on life of the Holy Prophet record this important event.

First Migration: Meccan pagans began to persecuted those who accepted Prophet’s message. Prophet advised these early muslims to leave the city for their own safety and seek refuge from a pious king in Abyssinia. Some families of muslims left and headed for distant African land. Abu Talib sent his son Jafar to guide and protect these first migrants on their journey.

Death of Guardian and Supporter: Kadeja and Abu Talib were two essential people in life of Prophet. God used them to support His messenger and His message. Kadeja’s wealth and Abu Talib’s protection saved Islam and Muslims in early years when it was still young and under threat from enemies of truth. However, God took them both to Himself in the year 620. Prophet was so saddened that he named it as the Year of Grief. He mourned the whole year the deaths of his beloved life and supporter Kadeja; and his guardian and protector Abu Talib.

First pleage of Akaba: Prophet’s life was now in serious danger when his saviour was no more. However, even after his death Abu Talib had made arrangements to provide safety for Mohammed. Even after death, Abu Talib was protecting God’s messenger.

Abu Talib had contacts in Yathrib. He told them that their wars and t roubles would be over if they came and listened to his nephew’s new message of peace and hope. Some men from Yathrib came and heard the Prophet. They liked the clear and simple belief in one God, Mohammed as His messenger and reward of eaternal life after death. They gave pledge to him and converted to Islam. Prophet told them to return to medina and ask its leaders if they would be willing to come and believe in the Straight Path.

Second Pledge of Akaba: More men came from Yathrib and accepted what Prophet had said to them. They were willing to follow him and accept his teachings.

Hijra – The Migration to Medina: Prophet prepared to leave his home town. He was being forced out by his own people. Meccans secretly gathered in house of Abu Sufyan to plan Mohammed’s murder. One man from man from each clan would stab him at dawn....

This will fool the assassins on the night of escape, Prophet ordered Ali to lie on his bed. He said, "Ali sleep on my bed." Ali agreed. Prophet then told Ali, "my enemeis have made plans to kill me tonight." Ali said, "O Messenger would your life be saved if I lie on your bed?" Prophet said, "O Ali this is night of great danger." Ali said, "but if I die will you live?" Prophet said, "yes, I would live, I would escape safely if you lie on by bed." Ali got on Prophet’s bed. Prophet covered Ali with his cloak. He kissed him and left the house.

Angels were watching this scene in heaven. God asked them, "would any of you give your life for one another." No angel was willing to do that. God said, "why can’t you be like Ali, he is sacrificing his life for his brother. Go down and protect Ali." Two Angels Gabriel and Michael came down and earth and entered Prophet home where Ali was sleeping. Gabriel stood near Ali's head. Micheal stood at the feet of Ali. All night both Angels guarded Ali. They said, "Who can be like you O son of Abu Talib, in heavens Almighty God is proud of you."

Prophet was leaving Mecca in the darkness of night. Abu Bakr followed him secretly and joined up with him. His action risked Prophet’s life. He almost gave Prophet’s position to his enemies who were chasing him. When the trackers were catchnig up with the Prophet, Abu Bakr began to shake with fear and cry for his life. Prophet told him not to make so much noise. Prophet headed for a cave on top of a mountain. It was in south of Mecca, in the opposite direction to Yathrib. Prophet was calm and climbing slowly. Abu Bakr was full of fear and panic. He quickly picked up the Prophet on his back and hurriedly climbed the mountain. Sunni muslims claim Abu Bakr did this was out of love. Shia muslims say, yes it was out of love for his own life, not for Prophet’s safety. Even inside the cave he was crying. Prophet told him, stop crying, you are not going to die. God is with us. We are in His protection.

This historic Escape from Mecca is known as Hijra; and with it begins the Muslim Calendar.

People had kept with Prophet many valuable items. They trusted him. When Prophet left Meccan, he ordered Ali to must return all things to their owners. Ali carried out Prophet’s wished and then left for his hometown. His mother Fatima Bint Asad and Prophet’s daughter Fatima were with him. Some other ladies also were under the care of Ali. It was a difficult mission for a 20 year old. He had to escape Mecca safely. He also had to make sure women were protected from attack and kidnap for next 200 miles. Prophet reached Quba. There he waited for Ali. Prophet built in Quba world’s first Masjid in Islam for Ali. When Ali arrived there, Porphet wept out of happiness and hugged him and kissed him. They rested and then prayed first ever Friday in the holy Masjid. God in the Quran calls it Masjid built on piety. The together they entered Yathrib. The name Yathirb was changed to Medina tun Nabi - City of the Prophet.

In Medina, the Prophet wrote Charter of Rights for all people. All tribes were happy with the Prophet. For his followers, he created the special institution of brotherhood. He teamed two muslims as one. The two brothers would help one another in all times of ease and difficulty.

In Medina, Prophet faced threats from Jews and the Romans; and from not to forget the Meccans. But people of Medina had pledged to defend the Prophet. They voted to accept the Constitution. They had already giving oath of alliegence to the Prophet at Akaba. Therefore, they remained faithful to their word. They defended him in each attack made by the enemies of the Prophet.

Wars launched by the enemies of God:

First battle was Bader. Meccans came with 1000 armed men to fight the Prophet. But Prophet had only 300 men plus Ali. As Ali struck the forces of pagans, Alimghty God again sent Angels to guard him. With Ali’s help, Meccans were crushed. Many of the top leaders of pagans were killed. Bader was the first and most important battle in life of the Holy Prophet. Meccans were furious. They vowed revenge.

Second battle was Ohad. Again Meccans attacked Medina from the rear with a larger force. Prophet had God’s favourite Ali. Meccans were defeated. Muslims won again. Pagans were furious. Pagan leaders of Mecca decided to seek help from Jews against the believers of Medina.

Third Battle was Kandaq. Meccans came to attack the Prophet with an even far larger force. Prophet dug a trench around the city to defend it from the pagan attack. Jews of Medina had peace treaty with Prophet. They had accepted his Constitution which he had written when he arrived from Mecca. But Jews secretly voted to break the Charter. They were envious of the Prophet and jealous of his successes. Jews disliked God’s message and feared His Prophet’s mission. Finally, Jews decided to side with Meccans in finishing the Prophet and his message. Jews attacked from the inside and Meccans from the outside. Meccans managed to cross the trench. They came very close to victory. They were about to slay the Prophet. But Prophet had Ali. Ali defended God’s religion and His Prophet. Ali slaughtered the enemy leader Amr Wud. The Meccans returned home defeated. Treason’s penalty is death. Prophet decided to sort the Jews out. He first killed the traitors. Then Prophet expelled rest of the Jews from Medina. Jews went to Kybar.

Fourth battle was Kybar. Jews used their second city of Kybar to supply and aid the enemies of the Prophet. Prophet then went to Kybar. There Jews were powerful. Their leader Marhab was a legendary warrior in Arabia. But Prophet had Ali. Prophet said, tomorrow is triumph day. God will give success us success through Ali. Ali loves God and God loves Ali; he loves the Prophet and Prophet loves him; he is a warrior of God; he will be victorious; he is a man and not a runner. Prophet gave his flag to Ali. Ali went and slew the beast in one strike. He destroyed the gate of Kybar City. Jews had no option but to surrender to the might of Ali. Battle of Kybar marks the end of Jews in Arabia, and end of peaceful relations between Jews and Muslims. Jewish ties with believers of Prophet Muhammad remain severed to this day.

Mission Accomplished

Prophet had successfully defended his new city and God’s message from all attacks. Now he was powerful enough to take back his hometown. He marched with thousands of men from Medina towards Mecca. Meccans surrendered without any resistance. Conquest was now complete. Quran was also complete. Thousands of Arabs converted to Islam, the true Religion chosen by God. Mission accomplished. Ali was the hero of Islam. Holy Prophet returned to Medina and died in 632 A.D.

Two months before his death, Prophet reaffirmed Ali as his successor. He gave a long speech in praise of Ali. In it he declared: “I am Leader of those who take Ali as their Leader. O God love those who love him and hate those who hate him.”

God’s Prophet was buried in Medina. His holy Mausoleum is the site of pilgrimage for millions of people a year from all over the world.

# 2. Holy Lady Fatima

Fatima was God’s first light. The Almighty God blessed Kadeja and Mohammed with holy Fatima. Prophet said, "my daughter Fatima is highest female in the world." Fatima is the First Lady of the Universe.

How was Fatima born? How did she come to Earth?

God summoned his Prophet to come to heavens. This was an early ascension of the Prophet to the heavens. In far away place, there existed the light of God. It was Fatima. Prophet was taken to a Special Tree in universe. God placed the Light in His Prophet through the Sacred Tuba Tree. Prophet was given Holy Fruit of that Heavenly Tree. In its Fruit was Divine Light of Fatima. Prophet was asked to eat the Divine Fruit. Fatima was now transferred directly into God’s Holy Prophet Mohammed. The Prophet returned to Earth. He was ordered to fast. For forty days the Prophet faste. He did not come near his wife Kadeja. He was in constant worship of God. Prophet remained in deep meditation of God’s Zikr. The year was 603 A.D. God then told Mohammad to sleep with Kadeja in a Holy Union. A Holy Girl was born nine months later. God named her Fatima after His own name Fatir – Originator. It is for Fatima that God had designed and produced this wonderful Universe. God would not have created anything if He did not create Fatima. God told Muhammad, “I would not have created you and Ali from my Light if I had not created Fatima; and the worlds would now have been made if you two were not created.”

Fatima grew up as pious women of highest moral values and integrity. Pagans, hypocrites among muslims and other enemies of God and his Prophet were jealous of integrity of his holy daughter. Abu Bakr wanted to marry Fatima. He even gave his own daughter Aisha to Prophet so that he Fatima may be given to him in return. Umar did the same. He gave his daughter Hafsa in marriage to Prophet hoping to be given Fatima. Fatima was most beautiful like a rose. She was so radiant and bright that Prophet named her Al Zahra, the Shining one. Propher said, "Fatima is a Heavenly Beauty”. Fatima is a hur, a lady of paradise so beautiful and pious that no man knows them in this world. Prophet rejected Abu Bakr and Umar. They were not pious enough. Prophet said; "God has chosen Ali for Fatima."

God Himself arranged the marriage of Holy Fatima. Prophet said, "had God not created Ali, then there would not have been any man worthy of Fatima from Adam to the end of the world."

God married Fatima to Ali and blessed her with two holy sons – Hasan and Husain. Thus was completed the five members of the holy family – Muhammad, Fatima, Ali, Hasan and Husain. God blessed eternally and also their pious children and their believers. Marriage of Fatima and Ali was model for all humanity. They respected and loved each other. Ali used to call Fatima "my Seyyeda" - my guide my leader, my saviour. Prophet said, “Fatima is part of me, what upsets her upsets me.”

During Prophet’s life, Fatima supported him at all times. Even in battle when he was injured, Fatima nursed him like a mother. Holy daughter stood by her holy father in good times and in bad times. She cared for her father, as a mother would look after his son. Prophet said, "Fatima is mother of her father." Holy daughter so loved her holy father. Prophet said that God has placed his pleasure in pleasure of Fatima. He said, "pleasing Fatima is pleasing God. What makes her happy makes God happy. What makes her angry makes God angry." from these holy words, it is as if Fatima is the daughter of God Almighty. God has given Fatima His Own Will. If anyone wants to please God, they would need to please Fatima. If she were upset, then God would never be happy until she is pleased. No greater status has been given by God to any of his creation than the status He has given to Holy Lady Fatima Al Zahra.

God's Holy Messenger Mohammed died in the year 632. His holy daughter Fatima was 28 years old. She cried so much that her eyes were red with grief. In her time of sorrow, only Ali was on her side. Other disciples of the Prophet had turned their backs to his message due to greed for wealth and power. They stole her inheritance. Then in a military coup took power away from her husband Ali, whom Prophet had appointed his rightful successor.

Imam Ali could have slaughtered Abu Bakr Umar and all their thugs. But Prophet had ordered him not to lift his sword. Shedding blood is not the way of the pure. Ali remained obedient to instruction of his master. For the love of God and His Messenger, Imam Ali patiently bore the sufferings inflicted on Fatima. Otherwise, Ali’s divine sword Zolfikar was sufficient to put an end to corruption and oppression carried out after the death of the Holy Prophet.

Bukhari writes in his book of Hadith that Fatima went to demand from Abu Bakr to return her father’s property of Fadak. Fadak was a fertile land won in the Kybar battle. Abu Bakr refused her and she became angry with him. She did not ever forgive him. Some books of history say that Fatima used to curse Abu Bakr after every prayer.

History books say that Ali was tied and dragged to the ruler’s court and forced to give allegiance to Abu Bakr. When he refused, Abu Bakr and Umar took some guards and surrounded Ali’s home with burning torches. They attack the house of Fatima. Umar kicked her. At that time, Fatima was pregnant. She miscarried her unborn baby Mohsin. She died sixty days later due to injuries caused by Abu Bakr’s men.

Black sheep among Prophet’s followers had fatally injured his holy daughter. Before holy Fatima died, she asked Ali, “bury me at night, and do not let Abu Bakr and Umar and others who oppressed me, to come to my funeral.” Ali did as Fatima has willed. Ali buried Fatima at darkness of night without informing the people that holy prophet’s holy daughter has died. No man knows her grave to this day.

It is said Abu Bakr repented his treatment of Fatima. He use to weep and wished he had never been born. He died with huge regrets. God knows what will be his fate.

# 3. Holy Imam Ali

Imam Ali was a pure guide and a legendary warrior from God. No brave or skilled fighter ever defeated him in battle. No wise man or cunning ruler ever outwitted him in debate. Ali’s was a remarkable teacher and outstanding leader. Ali’s sermons and speeches collected in book Nejol Bilaga are masterpieces of eloquence. Only God’s own words in the Holy Quran outweigh words of Ali. God had chosen Ali to defend the Holy Prophet Mohammed, and to lead those who had a heart for God. Ali was named Ameer al Momineen - Commander of the Believers.

Prophet said, “Ali and I were created from one light.” Prophet loved Ali. He made Ali his brother and successor. Ali was most knowledgeable man. He knew the secrets of God. He was aware of the unseen reality of the Universe. Prophet said, “I am the city of Knowledge and Ali is its Gate.”

Books of history and hadith record that before Prophet’s death God ordered him to deliver to mankind their Guardian and Saviour. Prophet went to Ghadir and revealed Ali to humanity saying, “God is my Master. I am your Master. If you take me as your Master, then take Ali as your Master. O God, be a friend to Ali’s friends, and be an enemy to his enemies; help Ali’s helpers and destroy those who leave him; and turn the truth to where Ali turns.”

Sunnis muslims say Ali was not the successor of the Prophet but Abu Bakr was. Shia muslims say no, Abu Bakr did nothing great for the Prophet. Ali was heart and soul of the Prophet. Ali was Prophet’s protector and defender. Prophet appointed Ali as his heir twice during his life. The disagreement on this basic question of succession continues to this day.

Imam Ali always stood with the Prophet. He defended him and protected him with his own life. In every battle, Ali defeated for the Prophet his enemies. When Prophet died he told Ali that most people would turn away his message. Prophet advised Ali to remain patient when most people would turn against him. Ali did not fight for worldly power and wealth. He contented himself with preaching the message of the Prophet and preserving the Holy Quran the Book of Almighty God. For 25 years, the right of Ali as successor and heir of the Prophet taken from him. Ali in obedience to his master, did not fight them, nor cause trouble in the community. He stayed at home and looked after his family and brought up his children on the teachings of their grandfather.

When people became sick of corruption and injustice they went to Ali. Ali became popular ruler in the year 656. He did not want power but people insisted that he lead them.

Immediately he faced rebellion from people. Aisha the wife of the Prophet who held a long grudge against Ali, she raised an army and went to war with him. The widow of the Prophet was urging people to rise against Ali. First Aisha led pagan army and besieged Basra. As a commander in chief, Aisha gave general orders for slaughter of the town. Genocide resulted in death of 10,000 civilians in Basra. Aisha wanted lovers of Ali crushed and defeated by any means.

Second, Aisha faced Ali on a battlefield. It was called Battle of the Camel. Aisha sat on a camel giving orders her troops near Basra. This is not allowed for women, especially wives of the Prophet. God condemns such behavior in His holy book. But Aisha was now leading these men, once the companions of the Prophet. They sided with Aisha. They were out to kill Ali. But Ali defeated them all. Many companions were killed as result of Aisha rebellion against Ali.

Aisha was escorted back to her home in Medina. She remained in her home for a while. Aisha remained neutral for some time. Then she was persuaded by Omeyas to turn people against Ali. Aisha was told that if Ali remained as leader, he would certainly degrade her father Abu Bakr for stealing Fatima’s inheritance from her, and also his succession to the Prophet. Aisha was won over again. She decided to preach against Ali and she succeeded in turning people hearts of people from Ali and towards Maweya whom she considered lesser of the two evils. Maweya wanted to finish Ali because he was a thread to Omeya rise to power.

Maweya led an army of Aisha’s supporters and faced Ali at Siffin. In both battles of Camel and Siffin, many sahabas of the Prophet were killed by sahabas of Ali. Eventually, Ali was murdered by design of Maweya and Aisha. Aisha thanked God when she heard that Ali was no more.

Omeya dynasty was now almost secure. All that remained in the way was two sons of Ali and Fatima, Hasan and Husain. Maweya wanted either to make people hate them, or to assassinate them. He tried to institute public cursing and demonising of Ali and his sons. But people were not accepting this. They knew Prophet Mohammad had loved Ali, Hasan and Husain.

Maweya moved to murder grandsons of the Prophet.

# 4. Holy Imam Hasan

Maweya was now in full control after killing Holy Imam Ali. With help of Aisha, Maweya began to turn people against Hasan. He threatened most of the population and bribed some of the notables of Mecca and Medina.

When Hasan saw people turning against him as they had turned against his father Ali after the death of the Prophet, he decided to step down. It was no point leading a people who did not really want him. Men of God do not rule by force. Maweya was clever. He knew Hasan was not get in his way. To make a popular gesture Maweya let Hasan make demands for stepping down. What could Hasan ask when he is not in power? Hasan said if you are true then make compensation to heirs of victims you have killed and after you death do not designate anyone but let the people chose their own leader. Maweya was delighted as these terms. He knew he would kill Hasan and hence make the treaty redundant. He persuaded Hasan’s wife to kill her husband. She poisoned the holy imam on promise of Maweya to marry her to his prince. He didn’t fulfil that promise.

Hasan stepped down and began peaceful preaching of teachings of his father and grandfather.

Now remained Husain of the original five pure members of the holy family.

Husain convinced Aisha that her actions against Fatima, Ali and Hasan were wrong; and that she had acted against God and now an evil fate awaited her after death. Aisha was 65 and she became sacred. She tried to make amends. She began revealing the truth she has heard from Prophet during his life. Aisha had hidden many good things about Ahlul Bayt. Now she began to reveal them. Maweya was alarmed at Aisha’s change of attitude. Aisha condemned Maweya for insulting Imam Ali. She even accused him of killing innocent people. This was the last straw. Maweya consulted his wise men. He was advised to kill the dangerous wife of the Prophet.

Maweya planned Aisha’s death. She was invited for important occasion. A hole was dug and carpet placed on it. Aisha fell into the trap screaming at Maweya. He showed no mercy to Aisha. He poured cement on top. Aisha was killed. Maweya ordered his men to construct a build on Aisha. The murder of Aisha was thus hidden. No man knows her grave to this day.

After killing Hasan and Aisha, the Omeya tyrant ruler Maweya had plans to kill Husain. But he fell ill and died before he could achieve his evil mission. Nevertheless, Maweya appointed his son Yazid as ruler after him. He told him to “take care” of Husain as matter of priority. He meant Husain should be killed secretly like Hasan was killed with poison.

But Yazid was not an intelligent man. He was stupid. He declared open war on Husain.

# 5. Holy Imam Husain

Husain was holy grandson of holy Mohammad, the messenger of God Almighty. There was no way he would recognise evil brutal dictator like Yazid. When Yazid’s demanded of allegiance, Husain reply was clear and straight. He said, a man like could never accept a man like you. This answer made war inevitable.

People of Kufa were sick of Maweya. They did not want his son as their ruler. They invited Husain to lead them against Yazid. They vowed to obey him as their leader. They wrote letters containing hundreds of signatures in support of Husain.

People of Mecca and Medina did not want Husain. They liked Maweya. Now they wanted to give a chance to Yazid. Son of Omar even campaigned for Yazid. He warned people not to break allegiance with Yazid. But Husain rejected men like him. Evil people like Maweya, Yazid and their followers had no place in religion of God.

Husain set off for Kufa. He took with him his family and friends. Husain caravan was made up of hundred men women and children. As he made his way across the desert, he discovered that Yazid’s governor Ibn Ziyad had crushed uprising in Kufa. Many people were killed. Husain’s cousin Muslim bin Akeel was brutally excecuted; and his sons were massacred.

Husain knew that Kufans were now helpless. He told his party that martyrdom is now the destiny set by God. Those who wish to go back may do so. There is no blame on them. Husain said he would go ahead and offer his life for God. He would sacrifice his children for cause of truth. If Islam is in need of blood, then Husain will happily give it.

On the journey of martydom, Yazid’s army stopped Husain’s caravan. The land was Karbala. Month was Muharram. Year was 680 after Jesus.

On 9th Muharram, Husain gathered his family for final farewells. Husain prayed with them. The next day would be day of blood and sacrifice. Giving blood for God is the way of the pure.

On the 10th day of Muharram, Husain gave a speech. One of Yazid’s commander defected to Husain. He realised he was on the wrong side of destiny. His name was Hur. He quickly changed sides. He repented before Husain. Hur asked Husain to forgive him. Husain hugged Hur, and forgave him. Hur was first to be martyred. God bless him. Hur gave his life for Husain.

General Ibn Saad had cut off water supply to Husain’s camp to pressure him to accept Yazid. Women and children were crying with thirst. Mighty Euphrates flowing nearby was blocked to the grandson of messenger of God.

Weak and thirsty, Husain mounted his white horse and rode to the army. He begged them not to carry out this evil deed of murder. They did not listen. General gave the order: Kill this little band of rebels against Yazid.

Husain and his men were butchered one by one by the soldiers of Yazid’s army. His disciples were the first to lay their lives for Husain. The General then slew Husain’s sons. He then processed to kill Husain’s nephews and cousins. These young boys were all massacred on scorching sand of midday sun. Husain’s brother Abbas was standard-bearer. Abbas had made desperate attempts to get water for his young niece Sakina. He managed to reach the river and took some water. But soldiers cornered him. They cut off his hands and then his arms. Husain’s back was broken. Abbas was killed in horrible way. Finally, Husain was left standing alone on the sands of Karbala. He again asked Yazid’s soldiers to consider what they were doing to grandson of the Holy Prophet. The soldiers again demanded Husain to submit to Yazid. Husain would rather die free then live in slavery. Ibn Saad gave orders for murder of Husain. Soldiers stretched their bows and fired their arrows. Husain looked upward to the heavens. It was not rain. The sky showered arrows upon thirsty Husain. The holy saint fell from his white horse. He was on the sand. Who would do the final evil? Ibn Saad wanted a trophy. He sent Shemar. Husain was on his knees before God, pierced with arrows. He made final bows. At this point Shemar came. With his knife he decapitated Husain. The holy grandson of the Prophet was slaughtered like a goat at Karbala. Women saw the horrible scene. They wailed loud. Husain’s sisters and nieces watched this butchery from their tents. Their cries echoed across the Iraqi desert. Screams of Husain's sister Zaynab were unbearable. The weeping of his young daughter Sakina were heard by the entire army. General ordered that all women of Husain's family be bound and taken to Yazid. Soldiers burnt the tents. They tied up the holy ladies. This was the day of terrible day of Ashura. General ordered his soldiers to run their horses on the bodies of the dead. Husain's body was desecrated along with others who lay on the sandy desert. Next day the soldiers left Karbala, carrying 20 human heads on their lances.

With Husain were put to death the five pure beings beloved of God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe.

Husain’s holy shrine is at Karbala; and millions of people make pilgrimage to his sacred grave to seek Divine grace and blessing.



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